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Winner: Congratulations, Bonnie! Please email me so I can send you the information for joining the class - enjoy!

I so totally enjoyed being a part of the Phone Photography class a couple of months ago so when Elizabeth asked me if I'd like to contribute to a challenge blog as part of the Design Challenges class, I jumped at the chance! 

I've been less than productive when it comes to scrapbooking recently (which makes me sad) but these challenges have me scrapping again and even more importantly, really enjoying it! I've pared down to the essentials, really honed in on the digital + paper mix that I find most satisfying and recorded some stories and moments that are important to me.

Here are the details:

Design Challenges
12 inspired scrapbooking prompts to cure creative block taught by Elizabeth Dillow
Starts 9/26/2013 $25

Class Description
Take the challenge(s)! Create twelve sensational scrapbook pages in four weeks, with Elizabeth Dillow, Erica Hernandez, and Stacy Julian as your creative muses. Design Challenges is back for its third run, and it's here to help you conquer creative block (and other artistic ailments).

Elizabeth Dillow was the force behind our summer blockbuster workshop, The Phone Photography Project. Now, in this month-long design journey, she'll help you tackle a dozen scrapbooking prompts that will have you scrapbooking with style, simplicity, and profound purpose.

In twelve downloadable handouts, Elizabeth will share two innovative scrapbook pages based on each of her twelve prompts, from "Challenge 1: Adapt a Familiar Form" to "Challenge 12: Embrace Fine Lines." A live classroom blog will include two bonus spins on each challenge, but with a fun new twist: these layouts will feature iPhone photos exclusively. (Just in case you need 24 excuses to get more of your photos off of your phone and into your scrapbooks!)

read rest of description here.

Class starts in just two more days and I have a spot to share! Simply leave a comment (I'd love to hear what topic or even you're looking forward to documenting next) and I'll announce a winner tomorrow, the 25th at 8 EST!


  1. OH this is JUST what I need right now being this summer was really spent in the NICU visiting our little sweet baby girl I put crafty fun on a pause SO I have LOADS of pictures that I need to scrap like my other little girl's Kindergarten Pics, My boys baseball pictures from the season that Hubby captured and of course documenting our little girl's journey from the NICU to home. OHHHH the I need this class so I can knock them out and documented. Thanks for the chance!

  2. Thank you for the chance to win a spot in the class! I am gearing up to document Halloween. I still have photos from past years and the thought of decorating the house has me in the mood to pull out older supplies.

  3. Sounds like a great class. My next little project is documenting my house a little bit. It's messy and everything is a little worn, but it's our home and I love it.

  4. Mandy6:39 PM

    My tween daughter and I have been working on scrapbooking together and it has been so much fun. I would like to engage my little one in this challenge. Her creativity inspires me each time we sit down to scrapbook together. I am working on a childhood scrapbook for her.

  5. Anonymous8:34 AM

    Thanks for the chance to win! I'd most love to document my 2010 trip to Europe. 9 weeks of amazing adventures, and I've never documented any of it ( thankfully I did keep a travel diary though!)



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