and then my barely five-year-old lost a tooth

(Did that scare you?)

A few days ago, her bottom right tooth popped free. Is this normal? It seems premature. So, I googled and found that it's not the norm but it's not unusual either. Five weeks from first wiggle to tooth fairy time. The day we discovered it, Izzy wanted to let me mom know. This is the video we texted her. It's adorable.

IMG 2096 from Erica Hernandez on Vimeo.

(This was taken after the tearful conversation where we talked her down from being scared and hyped her up with the promise of impending fairy money.)


  1. "also I'm really five" So cute! I hope the tooth fairy visit was all she hoped for :)

  2. LOVE the video!! So my daughter turned 5 in March and has lost 2 teeth (both on the bottom) already. It seem super early to me, too!

  3. she's stinking adorable!



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