31 Things Week 5

I just realized that I hadn't shared the last three prompts with you. Download here. Thanks again to Jennifer for sharing this list! All of the prompts are straight from her original list other than #31 which I added so that I would have a prompt for every day in May. And if you haven't been checking out her blog in addition to mine - you're missing out! She's brand new to digital scrapbooking but completely rocking it!
And three more completed spreads. I'm officially done with all 31 prompts - just need to finish converting them. I'm determined though! I can't wait to have this printed (and am trying to figure out if there is *any* way I could convince Carlos to complete these lists...I'd love for the kids to have both perspectives!)


  1. love your spreads. so neat to see a peek into your day. and i can relate to so many of your pet peeves. :) i need to get my butt in gear and finish these up.

  2. Thank you for sharing these (and all before too, I downloaded them all). I read Jenn's blog the other day but unsure about doing it but saw your pages as inspirations and feel like I might be doing it, thank you for sharing!



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