eating this week: feb 18: feb 19

Monday: roasted veggies, couscous risotto, salad
(It's Tuesday now so we've already eaten this. The couscous was a new dish and really pretty good. I made a couple of changes, using shallots rather than onion, pan roasting some corn along with the shallot and skipping the peas as we were out. Obviously we skipped the pancetta as well and I used a shaved parmesan melted into the risotto at the end.)

Tuesday: broccoli cheese stuffed sweet potatoes + salad
This is a new dish as well but really, how can you go wrong with those ingredients?

Wednesday: tacos

Thursday: jalapeno corn soup
Long time fave.

Friday: vegetable pot pie
Another new recipe.

Saturday guacamole grilled cheese
One more new recipe...

Sunday: lasagna
Because it makes the house smell good all day long!

I'm also going to make a batch of this soup (ummm, also new) to eat throughout the rest of the week for lunch (I'm the only french onion soup lover in the house - blasphemy.)

I'm noticing a trend this week of lots and lots of comfort food. Cold this week so it's apropos as we'll be snuggled inside the next few days as much as possible.

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  1. Everything sounds delish! What time do you eat dinner? ;)



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