do something february: culling my digital space

(Heather and I decided that this mantra needed a graphic to go along with it)
I spent a good part of my weekend (ok, and week) working on simplifying and streamlining my digital "footprint."
  • photos downloaded from my phone + apps deleted (from my phone AND iTunes...I always forget that second part)
  • email capacity under 50% (let's keep it this way, shall we?)
  • digital photos organized (I save them by month/year)
  • desktop organized and backed up (to my EHD + my back up EHD) I added a reminder to my calendar to do this once a month!
  • I've unsubscribed from 95% of the newsletter type emails I've received in the past week (by the way...how is it you can be immediately subscribed but removal from a subscription list can take 10 days? also, I don't need a confirmation email for unsubscribing!)
  • google docs whittled down 
  • dropbox files dumped
  • blog reader significantly cut...I mean, brutally, ruthlessly, take-no-prisoners cut. I cut more than half of the blogs. It's still a ridiculously huge list but it's so much better. No updates in the past couple of months? (and seriously, some of the blogs I was still subscribed to hadn't been updated in 4 or 5. YEARS. Ugh) Cut. (and this would have made my blog a cut contender many times over the past 8 years) Incessant advertising/pimping? Cut. Truncated feeds? (and I do get why bloggers do this...I just rarely click through so why bother subscribing?) Cut. Lots of cat photos? Cut. (only partly kidding here) 
Feeling so much better about my digital organization now. The challenge is to keep it up! Now to work on the other 27 items on my list (which I've been picking away at but not enough to call ay of the other items "done" yet. stay tuned...


  1. mmmm, you have no idea how much of a digital disaster I am these days. I need to spend a little time in this area too (ack)

  2. I just added you to my reader today! How funny that you are slimming yours down? I have been doing the same thing tho! I had several that had "moved" to other blogs. I am so glad to see someone else HATES truncated posts. At least give me a few good pictures before (am I right?).
    I have also made a monthly reminder on my google calendar to email, text, and pop up to remind me to do backups of all my info. I had my jump drive crash on me, I didn't think I had that much on my jump drive until it was gone!
    How do you organize all your digital stuff, if you don't mind me asking?
    And with your pictures, how do you find things easily. I have mine separated by year, then event. And even doing it that way I have to try and count back how long ago something was to find which folder to go into! There has to be a better way, right?
    I just wanted to stop by and say hello since I am new to reading your blog.

    1. Glad you found me, Tamara!

      I agree - give me one picture that catches my eye so I know if I want to click through! I did keep a couple of blogs with truncated posts but at least now, with only a handful left, I *know* it's worth clicking through.

      My digital stuff is basically just organized into folders by designer. I don't have a ton so it's manageable for me. Stuff that's very specific to project life, I keep in a separate folder.

      For my pictures, I don't really have a need to find specific stuff unless it's a holiday or birthday (in which case it's easy to find since I obviously know the date :) I don't scrap chronologically (other than project life) so when I do a page (which is rare these days) I either browse around until I find something that grabs me or I have a more generic story to tell so I just find a photo that works.

  3. so I should take all the cat photos off my blog huh? ;)

    I need to purge LOTS of things from my life too

  4. Go you! Totally nodding at your list (again) and I love your mantra/graphic. :)

  5. you aren't messin' around this month, are you?! it's the mantra, isn't it? erica hernandez means business when she makes a graphic. ;)

    i seriously need to do the blog reader cut. it's ridiculous. thanks for the poke.



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