four. boom.

And just like that, my *baby* turned four. Crazy. Wasn't this just yesterday?

But alas, they grow up no matter how much you resist it. Izzy's birthday was the 16th - we just celebrated at home with some gifts in the morning and a cake in the evening (and balloons...lots of balloons.)

Her party was this past Sunday. She requested a robot party and I semi-cobbled one together (it's been a crazy month, ok?) There wee no complaints from her so I'm calling it a success.

The invitations:
I used this robot file (adding the cute little bow) and these papers (which I adore!)

The attire:
I used a small white t-shirt, the same robot file from above to create a freezer paper stencil (REALLY wanted to do an applique but time, that fickle bitch, just got away from me) and this tutorial to style the shirt. The neckline could have been better but I learned my lesson for next time around.
The goodie bags:
I sound like a broken record but I had so many little goodies planned for these bags...these cute little mini chocolate bar robots, tiny customized matchbook nootebooks, etc, etc. Instead, they were filled with bubbles, shiny robot stickers, glow in the dark stars, glow sticks, metallic party streamers, candy and a cupcake for the road. The tags are from these printables. I modified the little starburst element to add their names to each (and girlified the bags for Izzy and my niece) and attached them with metallic pipe cleaners.

The scene:
Please don't judge our yellow grass.

The gifts:
We've officially entered the Barbie phase.

The cake:
Uh, this cake was originally my inspiration but she ended up with eyes on a blue cake. And it was FINE.

Seriously. Can't handle the love I have for this girl.


  1. oh my gosh i love you.
    ("time, that fickle bitch"??? new favorite line EVER)
    i refuse to believe she's 4.
    but man is she ever beautiful.

  2. happy birthday izzy! love that you shared these pieces of her special day and her party. so fun! and that means my boy's 4th is just a few weeks away! ack!

  3. That is one gorgeous girl you have Erica!
    I love the combination of Barbie and robot. So 'baby sister of older brothers'. Girly, but not too girly :)
    Happy BIrthday Iz!

  4. Happy Birthday to your girlie! I LOOOOVEEEE everything about the party just perfect. You gave me an idea I "just" might make a Back to school party for my kids & nephews as my baby is going to leave me I mean is going to start school Ha. & My oldest will be starting HS (who is this evil person making time fly) & my sweet youngest son will start 4th grade. I know they would get a kick out of that cake & balloons who can say no to balloons :) Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. wow! I cant believe she is four!
    she and my youngest, rylee, have the same birthday :)

  6. gah! your kiddos have grown, too! ha! funny how they tend to do that. ; ) They are gorgeous gorgeous children. You have good genes runnin' in your family. And i *adore* your digital products. So fantastic!

    danielle thompson



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