baby brother gets married

On Friday, July 13th, my brother got married. I know some of you saw snippets here and there on instagram of some of the festivities but I thought I'd share a few more here. The day after the wedding, I ordered a photo book for them with some of the shots I took so they could have something to look at when they returned from their honeymoon/before they got their professional photos. I just instagrammed my Canon pics so I could do it quickly and make sure they flowed well. The last shot I left in color - it's my favorite but I can't claim it as my sister took that one with her phone. (and for the record, the tiny cutie is my new sister-in-law's nephew and the bigger cutie with the long hair is my nephew, my brother's son, Tyler)

1 comment:

  1. oh! it looks like such a beautiful wedding!!!!
    (i am still dying over how gorgeous izzy is all dressed up!)



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