here, there and everywhere

I've been slightly scattered and internet-averse lately so this post will include a bit of everything.

First off, I create some freebie wordart for a new challenge at Two Peas...I wanted to share it here with you all as well if you're interested! Download it here. It's obviously rather specific but if you think you can use it, I'd love to see what you do.

Second, I'm incredibly saddened by this news. BHG has been a dream to work with all these years. Becoming a contributing editor for them was a dream come true and I will always treasure the relationships and friendships forged through my association with them. Feeling a bit lost now...still trying to process. Perhaps this is my opportunity to spend more time on my etsy shop or pursue other writing opportunities. Regardless, I wish everyone associated with Scrapbooks, Etc., particularly Michelle, the absolute best.

Finally, our menu plan for the week. I had a couple of questions about our motivation to be vegetarian/vegan and I'm still trying to formulate a post about that. Soon, hopefully!

monday: pasta with braised broccoli and tomato (new)
tuesday: spicy jalepeno and corn soup (old fave)
wednesday: mushroom bourguinonne (new)
thursday: spaghetti
friday: vegan chilaquiles (new)
saturday: salad w/ vegan chicken breast


  1. I heard this news this morning and immediately was back in my kitchen in VA answering the phone when Angie called to tell me Simple was closing, and then I thought of you next. Been there, and it pretty much sucks. But like you said, new opportunities will be waiting if you look for them. So sorry to hear it all the same though : (

  2. I noticed your absence:( I was just going to email you today because I was worried...glad to see you are back on the internet radar:) Great looking menu as usual:)Sorry to hear about BHG I saw the news yesterday.

  3. This is freaky...I popped on to see what you've been up to (from a link on Michelle's blog) and while I was looking at your latest post I am listening to Pandora and a song is playing called "I Want Everything" by Sneaky Sound System. I thought you had a soundtrack to your word art for a minute. It was funny. Anyway, love the word art and I'm glad to see you doing well.



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