right now.

Right now, our weekly menu looks (looked?) like this:
mon: veggie wraps (whole wheat tortillas, hummus, romaine, zucchini, red and green peppers, shredded carrot, onions...the kids said it was the best dinner ever and I didn't even have to cook anything. I dig it.)
tuesbroccoli gribriche
wed: vegetable and edamame pasta (decent...maybe a little less lemon next time)
thurs: cheesless homemade pizza with onions, broccoli and this sauce
fri: sweet potato avocado quinoa salad (I'm going to experiment with my own dressing though)

Last week's recipe successes - everything. Seriously. All of the new dishes were winners but I think my favorite was the chilaquiles.

Right now, I'm at 46 miles for the month - well on my way to my 75 mile goal.

Right now, I'm trying to take "wow, you don't look that old!" as a compliment. As shared by the cashier this morning upon verifying my age for the beer that was part of my mid-week shopping trip. Uh, thank you? Apparently, 36 is ancient in her world view.

Right now, I'm really glad the smoke detector went bonkers at 5 pm yesterday rather than 5 am this morning.

Right now, I'm doing some self-reflection. Wondering when I turned into such a hermit and started avoiding social activities. Wondering what happened to my drive and motivation when it comes to searching for a job. Wondering what happened to my mojo. No designing going on. No scrapboooking going on.

Right now, I'm happy with this little project that Izzy and I tackled. Perfect for practicing letters and drawing happy faces!

1) Ugly board found at Goodwill for $1. 2) Primed with white acrylic paint. 3) Getting messy with the chalkboard paint we mixed to match her room - $3. 4) Priming for use.


  1. love your menus.
    i would LOVE to eat with you guys.
    soooooooooo very much.
    and we all have our phases-- i know this much for sure.
    ... and i do love being a hermit, so i understand.

  2. I feel you on that. I love the chalkboard. I'm about to try to tackle something like it on a bigger surface. Probably just using the spray on stuff because I am lazy. I love all the stuff I've seen on your blog...I think your mojo is still there. :)



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