• marveling at the fact that jake is old enough to be learning multiplication and cursive and that zack is old enough to be writing short stories in school.
  • izzy smells like pickles and is watching an arthur dvd from the library.
  • finishing up a classic that I hadn't read before.
  • thinking about ordering some of these (I can't kill these, right?)
  • steeling my nerves to try sewing a fabric backing on the knitted baby blanket I made for zack's teacher...due with her first in less than 3 weeks.
  • waiting patiently for the new laptop I had to order - grrr :(
  • thinking I should go pick up a gift for the birthday party zack is going to on saturday.
  • happy that the sun is out! even if it is butt-ass cold.
  • looking forward to our roasted veg and salad dinner as I eat my ramen lunch.
  • thinking I should print out the mini valentines I made to sneak in the boys' lunches this week...I made one for every day this week + monday and have yet to include them. want them? download here.


  1. These are so cute girl! I just printed them off and plan to put them in the kids lunches - great idea! And thanks for the freebie - I always love your stuff! Hope your doing well! Hugs!

  2. Anonymous4:54 PM

    I love this post. Izzy smells like pickles - that's awesome. :)

    Awesome valentines! Thanks for the link. You are so generous and sweet.



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