you see?

how she just grew up *snap* like that?

The long hair and sassy attitude. She spent the night at my parents' house last night and wore that backpack all morning in preparation for their arrival. Doesn't miss me a bit. Nope. Not one iota! Ungrateful monster. Hmph.

So, hey. I want to start a garden. We kind of loved our CSA last summer but the winter CSA has been less than spectacular and has kind of turned us off of it. I love that it introduced us to some new stuff that we wouldn't have used otherwise but there was also a fair amount that I don't' want to continue using. Tell me what to do. Seriously, don't laugh at me or tell me how woefully lazy I am for even considering it but tell me, is this a fairytale solution?

OK, short post as I've been alone, ALL ALONE, for the past 4 hours and have just 2.5 hours left. Off to find something to do that can only be done when I have the house to myself! Not sure what that will be just yet but there must be something!


  1. Probably.
    What is CSA? I can't figure it out.
    Go to a garden center. Even Meijer's carries a ton of cool seeds. Start them indoors in April, plant outside when there is no danger of frost. You can do it. Let the kids choose some seeds and just have fun!

  2. OH my gosh Erika! She is DARLING adn so so big. How do you love having a daughter after 2 boys? I"m still nervous for a 3rd... only because I SO SO SO SO SO want a little girl. :) I love my boys but.... I want a little princess!! HAHA !

  3. She is so darn cute! Gardens are not hard at all. We did our first one last year and it was so amazing how much we all got out of it...the food that we got to eat and how much we all loved it. I loved being able to go out and pick fresh tomatos and herbs and be able to make my own fresh tomato sauce just off of what I grew. Go for it, I think you will really love it!

  4. oh, she and miss c would be trouble with a capital T together!

    and jealous that you even have the option of a winter csa!

  5. WOW! Can't believe all the hair! Can she tell my Kendall how to grow it? Kendall is 23 months older than your little miss and has hardly any hair yet! What a cute pic!!!!

  6. I meant 3 months older...not 23 months older! LOL!

  7. Anonymous12:14 AM

    Oh my, she is SOOOO cute. love her hair!

    i think gardening is easy too as long as you give it some tlc. :)

  8. WOW! she has gotten SO big! :D what a cutie.



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