my counter kicks ass

A completely unintended benefit of the new island and countertop we added a couple of weeks ago: wrapping presents! Just a big, open space for spreading out and getting crafty. No more backaches wrapping presents on the floor or bed. Both of the boys share a downstairs bedroom so I have lots of recovery time if I hear one of them up and about while I'm wrapping. I wrapped all 24 holiday books in under an hour (ps, Target $1 spot wrapping paper is PERFECT for this)

I was already happy with our little mini reno but now I'm in love.

Aren't you glad I'm back with these thought-provoking posts?


  1. So glad you are back! What an awesome addition to your kitchen! And I totally wrapped our books in that same Target $1 paper too :P Need to go get more asap!

  2. i need a counter. all i have is a dining room table, and since we need to EAT there, i can't just spread it all out!

  3. glad you are back! missed you there for a while!



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