sweaters and sneakers

The other day, Izzy laid in bed with me and watched Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. I was glad to have an excuse to watch it and the boys never would have watched for so long or with such intensity.

God, it was cheesy. But I couldn't stop smiling...not for even one second. I loved a lot of shows as a kid. I think maybe Captain Kangaroo and Pee Wee's Playhouse ranked right up there as well but Mr Rogers was the best. And still is.

I can't think of any other show that was so gentle. That taught respect and a desire for knowledge and neighborliness in such a thoughtful way.

The one we watched though had a Big Bird mention...how could I have watched so many episodes of MRN and never noticed the Sesame Street Crossover?

My Fred Rogers love renewed, I just added this to my reading list. I think everyone should read it :)

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  1. my girls have never watched it! I will have to make sure that happens soon!



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