making stuff...the patriotic edition

One day, I took Zack to Hobby lobby. And while we were checking out, he asked if he could have one of the bandanas at the check out. They were orange afterall. And, they had red as well. So, I could satisfy both boys and their color preferences for the rock-bottom price of 99 cents each. And, there was a third color - blue. So, of course miss Izzy could have her own color.

But why not get 2?

And turn it into the simplest little dress EVER.

Hem the bottom.

Create a pocket on top for the eyelet lace ribbon.

Seam the sides and voila! (note, I did not type "viola!" because that is a stringed instrument not an exclamation synonymous with "check it out!")


  1. wicked cute!!
    I love her little crossed feet int he bottom pic.

  2. it's times like these when i dislike you - why can't all of us be that creative? ;)

  3. Now THAT is absolutely adorable...love it!!

  4. You are clever in so many ways!

  5. I LOVE THAT....wow, crafty mama, I am impressed!!! Opening an etsy store soon??;-)
    Great minds think alike....or shop at Target for our baby girls! LOL!
    Bet you guys start school in Sept like it should be...not loving this early start....

  6. ummm i love the big girl way she is sitting! lol!

  7. You did NOT make something so utterly adorable from just 2 bandanas! Brilliant.



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