making stuff...the party edition

Izzy had a party a couple of weeks ago dontcha know?

So, I knit her this hat.

Because I needed a good picture for this invitation. (her middle name is walker but I shortened isabella to "izzy b" awhile ago and it stuck :)

And I have a sewing machine that is begging to be used so I made this banner to hang some pictures from for a display of her first year in photos.

And then for favors, I made some fun pinwheels and clipped them to some brown paper lunch sacks that I sewed shut with my sewing machine. That thing is proving to come in handy.

I made this little cake too. My first buttercream frosting ever. And it was good. And buttery. And way pinker than I intended. But I never used a gel color before. Lesson learned.

She seemed to be fine with it though :)


  1. Okay, I LOVE that cake! Given that my daughter is exactly one week younger than yours...if you had posted quicker I could've made that cute cake for her birthday, too. ;) lol!
    Happy Birthday to Izzy. How quickly a year goes by, eh?

  2. oh my gosh, are you serious?! that hat is the cutest thing ever. i love it. it made me giggle when i saw it.

    love the cake and icing photos too.

    happy birthday izzy b.

    my baby is 11 months now. i'm in total denial that he's turning one soon.

  3. love it all! Will have to bookmark this post for when my Zara turns 1....

  4. Beautiful! Happy 1st birthday, sweet girl!

  5. Oh that hat is adorable :) Happy b-day Izzy b.! I can't believe she is one already...time sure flies!

  6. love your colorway of the hat. :)

  7. WOW! That is soooo cute...everything looked perfect!!! Way to go, Mama!

  8. Okay, I didn't think anything could possibly be cuter than the bandana dress. The knit hat wins!!
    The cake loos delish and the banner is wonderful!

  9. maureen6:04 PM

    OMGOSH E!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the pictures, love the cake, the hat TAKES that cake and the invitations and pinwheels! LOVE those things! You are SOOOO flippin' awesome!

  10. oh my goodness, say it isn't so.
    how is it possible?
    she is so gorgeous, e.
    love these pics.
    you are such a good mama and so crafty.
    you are going to love sewing and get totally addicted..is there anything you can't do????
    hey, can i commission you to make a birthday hat like this for jackson? he is 7 months old today...sniff, sniff!!!!
    hope you are having a great summer!

  11. OH THAT HAT!!!!! and yay for sewing! happy bday, sweet izzy!

  12. she is cute! everything is cute about this!





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