one week in...

2009 - a week in the books. How is yours going so far? I think everyone here is happy that school is back in. Ready for the tail end of winter (which I know is still far, far away but once the new year hits, we can be hopeful, right?)

This little girl had a bath in the BIG tub yesterday. Well actually, it was the little tub in the big tub (rather than the typical little tub in the kitchen sink routine we had up to this point) Because she is just so damn BIG that we can't do kitchen sink baths anymore. And although she technically can sit up, falling down is ever-so-much-more fun. These pictures were from right after her bath when she's so soft and good-smelling and happy. I always take these pictures after her bath :) Tonight, we start cereal. I always hold off until 6 months but she's just 1 week away from that mark and so completely pitiful every time we eat that I'm giving in a few days early. Tonight/tomorrow I'll be making some baby food to freeze so we have lots of veggies on hand for the coming days and weeks.

She breaks my heart with her adorableness.

So hey, did you know I have a couple of BOYS as well? They don't show up here as much because every attempt at capturing them in their natural habitat invariably ends up with a variety of goofy faces including but not limited to scrunched up eyes, hands over the face and some sort of visible tongue.

But look! Here they are anyway. Playing with the completely awesome microscope that mister J got from his grandparents (this was how we spent New Year's Eve day...before we all went to bed around 8 pm. We're crazy like that :)

But wait people, there's more!

Do you KNOW what those ARE?!?


We haven't broke into them yet but we will...oh, we will.


  1. Anonymous10:57 AM

    I so enjoyed readin this post! Just love my Grandkids and so glad Jacob likes the microscope. Give em all big hug from Grandpa ok?

  2. Happy New Year to you. What an adorable photo of that darling little girl....you know how fast it goes. In 20 years when those boys put their arms around you and snuggle up and tell you how much they love you...you will close your eyes and feel like it was just yesterday that they were teeny tiny. Snuggle up and enjoy!

  3. those will be so fun!!!

  4. Wow, 6 months, already!? She is so adorable, i can imagine how she will break MANY hearts in the future ;)

  5. oh e,
    these photos are just so gorgeous.
    that izzy is beyond adorable.
    love the photos of the boys too...they are getting so big.
    i just bought the sea monkeys for my nephew's birthday.
    i think sean and luke would love them too!

  6. Your kids are just absolutely gorgeous - all of them! I love their big brown eyes!

  7. hey there...happy new year! izzy is just the sweetest...those eyes are beautiful! love the boys too...they really do look so big, it's crazy how fast time goes.

  8. I know how you feel...yes, I have boys, too, but the new girl is so much fun right now...happy new year! Can't wait to hear about your sea monkey adventures. I remember being disappointed they didn't have faces and look somewhat like people (like their ads show).
    Izzie is adorable! :-)

  9. Anonymous1:42 PM

    oh man,
    i just want to squeeze izzy.
    i do.
    if she ever gets old enough to date, i have a little guy who would be interested.
    although he's a bit of a monkey right now...
    we're hoping it's just a phase. lol!
    hope you and your beautiful family are doing well, e!

  10. Anonymous12:28 AM

    oh i wanna see the sea monkeys! all watching tv on their sofa and stuff...you know, just like in the ad!

  11. oh yeah the BOYS! LOL!!!!
    have fun with the science goodies!!




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