OK, so I understand now about shopping for girl vs shopping for boy

I haven't actually bought anything other than a couple of sale items from Old Navy but the window shopping...oh man.

Pretty sure little miss needs
and this (ok, ok...I know it's a 3T :p)
and this
and a couple of these
and this
and these

I could go on all day :)

I've been working on my miter blanket quite a bit. It sat for months when I realized how much seaming would be involved for a queen sized version. Once we found out about baby girl though, I realized I could turn it into a baby sized blanket lickety split. I have 2 more complete squares to knit (so, 8 more mitres...I've done 28 so far) and then the seaming. I'm trying to decide if I want to back it with corduroy or chenille (not sure of a color yet) What do you think?

So Saturday's Dream? Purple & Brown and I undertook a business venture together. After locating and extracting some rare mineral from the ground (one that had a striking resemblance to green slime) we all became fast billionaires. Just my luck that I woke up before I got to spend any of the money.

Last night? I obtained a coveted job as a cocktail waitress in a British pub owned and operated by PeeWee Herman. He stole me away from the pub across the street that was the brainchild of the crew from Lost in Space.

If there are any producers out there that want to option any of this stuff, my email link is in the upper right corner :)


  1. I think you definitely need one of each! ;) Isn't shopping for girly things fun?! :) Ooooh, that blanket looks beautiful! Love the colors! I'm thinking soft chenille. Oh, and your dreams are a riot, girl! Hee hee! Have a great week!

  2. chenille!

    those are crazy dreams...LOL.

  3. You have me wanting to shop for baby things now, thankyouverymuch. :) I would do the chenille. Who knows, maybe the cast of Gilligan's Island and the Love Boat will guide you in your dream tonight.

  4. uh...dare I say I told you so? heh

  5. Anonymous12:57 PM

    so jealous of the girl shopping!! =) YUMMY blanket.

  6. girl shopping is bad - b-a-d. my credit card companies are loving me though.

  7. those cute little dresses make me want to learn how to sew. they are so cute!
    this blanket. i am really intrigued by it. can't wait to see the FO. i think chenille would be a good look. its super soft.


  8. Anonymous7:39 AM

    I love the colors in that blanket. Girl shopping is so fun...and so expensive! I think lil miss needs a couple of each...you know, in case there is some spit up or something. :) I'm sure Carlos loves all your friends enabling you. hee hee

  9. you are a riot.
    love your dreams.
    oh, and i agree with you about the clothes/accessories for girls.
    i always tell kevin that he is so lucky because i think we would be broke...i wouldn't be able to resist.
    the blanket looks gorgeous and i vote to back it with chenille. i LOVE chenille!

  10. okay, enough with the cute girly things....i'm gonna have to have another because of you, LOL! adorable little blanket, i'd go with chenille.
    and those cray dreams, what the heck?? the peewee herman one is a crack up!!

  11. oh you are going to have one sharp dressed girl! thanks for the links! i guess it's good that some of those items are not available in e's size! :) but i did find a few... :)

  12. Anonymous12:35 PM

    I vote for chenille for baby girls' blanket that is oh so beautiful!
    I am happy happy happy about your baby girl! She is going to be oh so spoiled in love and all things girly :)
    Been missing you. Hope you are well!

  13. heee! loving the funny dreams! :)

    and she definitely NEEDS all of those cute outfits! i'm thanking my lucky stars i don't have girls...i'd definitely be broke. lol

    oh and i vote for chenille! cute!



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