This past couple of weeks, my stomach totally popped. No more regular pants...I had to break out the Bella Band a couple of days ago :)

After lots of prodding, I finally started to cautiously do a little window shopping around the web for little miss. Yesterday, I made my first little girly clothes purchase thanks to an Old Navy baby sale. Nothing overly girly but I did buy her a skirt a hoodie with flowers. Big step for me! Now that I've actually laid out money, I'm sure my ultrasound next week will reveal an error and show that we're actually having a third boy :p

I've been checking out bedding too. Thanks to Lisa, I've been turned onto the Dwell line at Target. Nothing is *quite* what I've imagined though so after some more searching, I found this (which is *exactly* what I had in mind) and this which I completely adore. Not sure I can justify the price of either though.

Current food obsessions: Sweetarts, veggie eggrolls and grape tomatoes. Yum. And I could easily eat all three together for the same meal! The boys and I are enjoying smoothies too; frozen berries, a banana, OJ and a container of yogurt. Good stuff.

OK, loads of work to do in the next week or so (at least 7 or 8 layouts that I can think of - eeek!) and zero motivation so I'd better get to work. Oh, and a quick congrats to miss Gabby on the birth of Evansen and lots of happy thoughts to Mel who is expecting baby Bauer any day! Can't wait to "meet" him/her!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Anonymous11:05 AM

    You look fabulous. FABULOUS! Also, if you need help justifying the price of that cute bedding, just email me. I'm your girl. I can justify just about anything cute like that. :) And yes, I still need knitting help, but I've put it down because I have a million things I am in the middle of right now, so I'll have to get back to it, but I will definitely be needing your help!

  2. Anonymous11:41 AM

    love your popped little belly!! sadly, I think I'll probably have the same size belly in just a few short weeks :p. let me know how you like the Bella band!

    And I LOVE the Dwell stuff. so yum!

  3. you look amazing Erica! Love both beddings you picked out:)

  4. Oh goodness, how cute are you and that sweet belly? Love it!

    Love the bedding choices too ... made me think of this fabric (http://www.jcarolinecreative.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?page=JC/CTGY/1018a). It's a cotton canvas, so it wouldn't work so well for anything that would touch the baby, but maybe for a crib skirt and the outside of the bumper, with the inside a yummy chenille? Just an idea, if you could find the fabric and someone to sew ;) you could get a perfect, just for you and baby set, for much less!

    Happy eating and baby growing!!

  5. You DO look so amazing and beautiful, girl! Yay on the girly purchases. Love the bedding - too cute! Good luck with your layouts! Have a great Friday and weekend! Hugs! K

  6. i love your photos.. and the digi kit! gotta try that! the kit part, not the getting pregnant part. :)
    im so happy the boys are going to have a lil sister! :)

  7. those people at dwell are evil for bringing their stuff into target. bad, bad, bad.

  8. Oh that bedding is so cute, love the colors!! Look at your cute belly, although it is sad to have to give up regular clothes, i think that was my least favorite part of being pregers :p Happy scrapping, and have a great weekend!

  9. I can't get over how amazing you look! WOW!
    Love both of the bedding sets - they are gorgeous!

  10. This bella band is muy interesante :)
    and I think those cravings are FANTASTIC !!!

    Give yourself some belly rubs from ohio :)

  11. congrats!!!!!!
    i had no clue you were expecting!
    we have been "trying" for about 5 years for a 3rd!!! darn IT>!>>!
    can't believe it's a girl, yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. how exciting to purchase some girlie clothes.
    i am in awe of all the gorgeous bedding available.
    when i was pregnant with sean i had the hardest time finding anything i liked.
    love the ones you have shown.
    so excited for gabby and can't wait to hear mel's good news.
    i keep checking her blog.
    hope you are feeling well!

  13. Anonymous1:17 PM

    gosh you are so so cute!
    I love all of the bedding...good luck with that choice ;)
    So happy you got something girly.....a girl can *never* have enough clothes...not even in the womb ;)

  14. The very first girl outfit I bought was from Old Navy too. Don't even step a toe into babyGap. Trust me on this. I love the Dwell bedding. The colors in your second link were amazing. But have you started to knit her anything?

  15. the beddig with the drawings on it. i love that. i just saw an add about dwellstudio and was impressed with that too.

    take care!


  16. u are just like me... not too girly about things.


  17. I had no idea you were preggers, E!! Congratulations! And a little girl - how awesome! SO happy for you guys :)

  18. how fun it must be to buy girly clothes! i'm jealous! ;)
    love the bedding...so modern and fun!



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