August 25, 2007


and now he's three.

We went to breakfast at ihop and had his favorite 'funny face' pancakes. We went to his favorite store (Target, of course) We made cupcakes.

And they were good.

He still wears diapers (totally fine with that...Jake wore them until 3.5 and then, overnight was potty trained) He still sleeps in his crib (again, totally fine with that. He *can* get out but just doesn't...and Jake was climbing out before he was a year old so I'm happy to get some mileage out of the thing!) I love that I can still see some baby fat but man is the boy growing up. Apparently, 3 is the age is self-confidence. Today, he said "he-yo, my name is Zackie" to every person he talked to. From the hostess and server at ihop to the cashier at Target to every person that called to wish him Happy Birthday. Make no mistake about it, his name is Zackie!

Other than birthday, I've been working my way through this:

(a gift for someone that reads my blog so I can't show it until they get it...I love that ribbing though!)

And I'm getting ready to turn this:

Into this.

And, I'm also working through this:

Which includes a few kids books and a few books that I've finished but for the most part...lots and lots of new reading to get through :)

Oh, I've been working my way through a metric ton of those things in my banner too...I didn't think I liked them when I bought a box of a bajillion for the boys but I guess now that they're "33% real fruit juice" they've morphed into some kind of magically addictive mood enhancer. And, only 25 calories each so I can replace a meal with Freeze Pops on a daily basis :)

And now I need to do some work. There's my update for the month I think! lol


  1. Anonymous6:15 PM


    3??????? HOW did that happen? omgosh!

    and I have to ask...are you reading Magic Tree House to the boys? My girls loved them and I was just thinking about giving them a shot with J. He loves books and loves to be read to and I think I'm ready to move on to some chapter books with him. Not that I mind reading picture books. I love them :) But something with depth...like MTH.... would be a welcome change ;)
    Happy you updated....please dont' make us wait another month :)

  2. Happy Birthday, sweet Zackie!! :)
    Yay for Target and cupcakes and family fun! Sounds like my kind of day! Zackie is such a cutie pie, E! Love the new banner, too! Hope you and the family are doing well! :) Hugs!

  3. awwwww happy birthday!!!

    (what is it with 3 year old boys and target? connor loves it, too)

    and that is a FANTASTIC color for wicked!

  4. Anonymous8:42 PM

    how in the world is the boy 3?!? and such a handsome little guy at that. happy birthday to zackie!

    and knit, e, knit - can't wait to see what you're up to over there. a reminder to myself that i need to get started on another beret for a friend before i can begin something new - like the adventure of socks.

  5. Happy birthday, Zackie!! That is too cute! I keep calling Harper "Miss Priss" and she keeps correcting me - not priss, Harper. HARPER!

    We were just at Target today!

  6. Anonymous1:02 PM

    happy birthday zackie! :) you are a big boy now!!! why do they have to grow up? i just don't understand! seriously. i thought the banner was paint strokes. i can totally see the ice pops now though...ha ha. i love them too. and fruit juice? well they are damn near perfect then! love your ribbing. way to rub it in....:)

  7. seriously?? how did he get to be 3 already? wow! what a cute little man :)

  8. dude...seriously those boys are looking SO much older:)

    Happy Birthday Zach!!

    And your pile of books...looks just like mine..LOL

  9. that looks like a yummy cupcake!!
    Happy Birthday to the big man.
    I see a few familiar books in that stack. You'll like them :)
    knit like the wind!

  10. Anonymous7:31 PM

    I did not realize that your banner was freezer pops until you said so. Here I thought you brought out the paint. I'm dumb.

  11. Anonymous8:11 PM

    awww, man...say it isn't so. i can vividly remember all those incredible baby layouts you did...that cannot possibly be three years ago. sigh...
    love these photos, e!
    love the colors.
    oh that brown is going to make one gorgeous sweater vest (not sure if that is what you call it, but i LOVE it).
    you are so good.
    love that pile of books!

  12. Anonymous9:08 PM

    wow! I didn't realize that Zach was the same age as my Jackson (he just turned 3 on the 10th)...crazy how fast it goes, huh?!
    Happy Birthday, Zach! and um yeah, add me to the list of mamas with 3 year olds who loooove Target! :)

  13. Anonymous12:46 PM

    Now how did that happen?
    Seems like just yesterday we did that baby card thing for you on 2Peas, wow. :o
    You've got some good looking boys there Erica! Happy belated bday to sweet Z!

  14. Anonymous6:55 PM

    happy birthday Zackie! He is so stinking cute! Love your pile of books-I've read a few in that stack, enjoy! Totally love the fruit pops banner! I just wish I could make a blog banner... LOL.



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