nope, I got nothin'

Apparently, I'm a very boring person. I'd love to share some interesting story with you all but I'm drawing a blank. So, I'll just share a layout :) I finished up a couple of layouts for the mid-month Garden at 2Peas and decided to play around with a bunch of digital goodies I've collected from scrapgirls, scrapartist and jenwilson. A different look for me but my digital layouts almost always end up a lot "messier" than my paper.

I've been keeping busy reading and knitting and just hanging out with the boys. The Summertime Tunic is done (yay!) but no pictures just yet...still have to pick up some ribbon. I ordered some yarn to cast on for Wicked so that'll be my next sweater project.

Summer is winding down...sigh. Lots to do in the coming weeks though - eventually, I'll have news to share! Have a great week!


  1. dude, that sweater is awesome...looking forward to seeing that one:)

  2. It looks great! My digi stuff is also more MORE too, if you KWIM. Lately I've been making paper "bases" like 1/2 done LOs and scanning them in and then embellishing them digitally. Sort of bass-ackwards hybrid. FUn!

  3. HI!
    I am boring too.At least you seem to be accomplishing more than I am!

  4. I can't wait to see that summertime tunic!!

    and wicked..
    ahh wicked.
    I want to make one so bad.
    but you know me and the sweaters.
    big time FEAR. :)

  5. Anonymous6:25 AM

    Love that layout :)

  6. Anonymous12:14 PM

    that layout is beeeautiful!!!

    share the news NOW ;)

  7. perfectly awesome to share a layout..love it :)

  8. Anonymous10:56 AM

    love the layout, but on to the knitting...ha ha. you are totally my knitting hero. and those are two words i never thought i'd say in my life, but since i'm just a beginner-beginner...the fact that you are knitting sweaters and tunics and "in the round" and all that other stuff...well, you are just my hero. :) shall i knit you a cape? ha ha

  9. what yarn did you get for wicked. i's thinking of doing flair from knit and tonic next.

    is ravelry still invite only. wah!! hope it opens soon.


  10. love it!
    i am SO dig-challenged... you and Tonya are such an inspiration!

  11. HI... and you are NEVER boring ;)

  12. Ok, so I just noticed the top of your page. Are those freeze-pops? You're so creative!! Yumm.

  13. Anonymous12:09 PM

    Well, you've got a cool new banner of freezies, so that's somethin'. :p

    Love the page- MISS YOU in the old gallery. Boohoo!



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