Jennifer and Andrea :)

Send me your addresses so I can send you some goodies! Thanks for playing along in my stash buster challenge :D

Rusted Root is done. I'll share a photo tomorrow! CHA rocked. The company was amazing. I took no photos. That about sums it up :p


  1. Yay! Although I wish I could have gotten more used up of my stash ;) No CHa photos, I am stalking everyones blogs for photos, and nada. Bummer, lol! Glad to hear you had a great time!

  2. I was busy ALL weekend and didn't get a chance to particiapte:P bummer.

    Can't wait to hear all about CHA (and be totally jealous)AND can't wait to see the finished sweater:D

  3. girl, i was going to play, but i was too busy knitting the other craft. the next one, i'll play 'kay!


  4. good, that gives you time to wash the mirror :)
    can't wait to see it!



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