please don't judge me for my dirty mirror...

Holy crap, that's bad. I had to bring it up from the basement though - it's the only mirror in the house besides the medicine cabinet :p I thought the spots wouldn't be as noticeable in photos but damn was I wrong! If it were just a couple, I'd photoshop those bad boys out...it's late here though and I don't have that kind of time (or talent!) So, be good friends and pretend you can't see them.

My poor attempt at capturing Bonita. A self-portraitist, I am not (and no Ashley, I *don't* know how to use my timer!) Like I said, a little shorter than I would have liked but over a tank, not too bad. It's growing on me and I think I'm at the point where I would actually wear it out of the house. It's nice and light - perfect for summer. I think the i-cord bind off for the neck and collar is awesome - so neat and smooth! Finished it last Sunday and started Rusted Root on Monday. And I'm *loving* Rusted Root. Here is my progress as of yesterday. Today, I managed to get a couple of inches into the body (past the armhole) I'm flying on this one and the pattern is so much easier than Bonita. This one will get done in a flash!

And we had a nasty storm blow through yesterday...sun and super hard rain. It was a little windy too - these are sitting on the windowsill in our kitchen and this is how they looked after the storm passed:
Oh, and the give-away...that'll start on Monday and run through Friday! I'll give you the details tomorrow but in the meantime, dig into your stash stuff!


  1. it pays to be on Pacific time cuz now I'm the first to comment. That sweater looks aweome...even better to actually see you too (we scrapbookers are never in the photos:P)

    Nate wants to knoww about the give- away??

  2. Anonymous1:34 AM

    the sweater looks fabulous E!

  3. What a beautiful sweater, girl! I'm so impressed! Love the color and you are such a little hottie! (there's another nickel for ya, ha!)

    Can't wait to see the next one! Hope you and your family have a wonderful weekend!! :)

  4. bonita es muy bonita!!
    love it.
    you did fabulously.

    I may get off my tush and make a sweater one day :)

    and it might just be that cutie rusted root!!

  5. multi-talented and
    cute to boot
    It looks great! Thanks for indulging me.
    Seeyoo tomorrow!

  6. Anonymous1:18 PM

    oh man, e.
    you are incredibly talented!
    this is sooo gorgeous.
    love the color and you look
    like one hot mama wearing that...what are you talking about 'almost comfortable enough to wear it in public'. you should be flaunting that baby off.
    Rusted Root looks amazing.
    i can't wait to see the finished product.
    btw--i don't know how to use my timer either!

  7. Anonymous3:04 PM

    look at you hot stuff! love how it turned out - actually like that it's a little shorter so that it's more hip and trendy and less, i don't know - stuffy? love it!

    and now we're even. beret = bonita.

  8. Okay, I am freaking inlove with this sweater and the awesome color! Well done!

  9. Love the sweater, so totally cute! The spots on the mirror almost look like a digi brush you would use to age a photo ;) Very cool indeed!

  10. Anonymous11:43 AM

    Dude...the sweater top looks AWESOME! Serious! And what spots? I don't see any ;)

  11. Anonymous4:00 PM

    show off


  12. Anonymous11:04 PM

    i love it!!! it looks so cute with your white tank top - love it!

    feels good to finish huh?

    rr is looking great - what yarn are you using?

  13. Anonymous4:25 PM

    HELLO.... read your manual! Geez.

    PS - The sweater turned out really cute!

  14. Anonymous9:50 PM

    wow, the sweater is amazing!!! you are one talented chick :) and the new one looks cool too, love the color. hope you had a great weekend.

  15. tomorrow? as in, which tomorrow? you're just waiting for me to leave, aren't you? I'm onto you Hernando!!!!

  16. and the sweater rocks. I tried not to look..I come for the verbage.

    that...and i keep seeing so many enticing projects I'm tempted, very slightly tempted, to pick up those knitting sticky things.

  17. oh so awesome! you look like such a hot mama posing in front of that mirror, and I do not think badly of you for your spotty mirror...you should see the ones in my house ;)
    I cant wait to see the finished product for your next project :)

  18. wow erica, that looks good!

    rusted root is looking good too.


  19. Anonymous10:07 PM

    dude...that thing is freaking awesome.

    make me one. :D



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