take my stuff, please

I'm trying really, *really* hard to get rid of stuff I don't need. I used to just pile stuff all over the place but I am getting better. (especially with mail - it used to overtake the house but now it goes from the mailbox directly to the trash/file box/bill clip - so much easier to manager now)

So, I have a couple of things (totally random stuff, I know) to get rid of and while normally, I'd either trash or donate it, I thought these two things might find a better home this way.

First off, who needs an Elmo birthday cake pan? Seriously, I haven't been able to part with it but I will never make another Elmo cake. Might I suggest that you not take it if your child has a hard time distinguishing between the *actual* Elmo and an Elmo cake. Because said child will not eat a hunk of face cut from their Sesame Street buddy. Trust me on this. Also, if you use Wilton food coloring to dye your frosting lovely shades of red and black, your cake will taste like ass. There was some trauma involved when Jake turned 2. It went a little something like this: (click it if you really want to read it)

That's how it went down for real. Wouldn't touch it. Not a bite. Everyone else felt obligated to eat the ass-tasting cake though since I slaved over it for hours (Zack was 10 days old at the time so they were doubly obligated) PS. How freaking cute was Jake back then? *Sob*...almost three years ago! (frames are from Film Fun and font is Tell a Story.)

Second, this is an envelope album I made for the July BHG. Kind of a catch all for an expecting mom. Envelopes to save appointment cards, sonogram pics, notes, etc...a spot for monthly photos, pictures of the developmental stages. First one who claims it (for themselves or an expecting friend) gets it.

The sweater - I knitted a sleeve yesterday. Think I'll do the second today. And then, the part I'm really dreading, putting all of the pieces together. Should be ugly. I'm not sure even the cuteness of a 2 1/2" model can overcome the results I'm expecting. Never fear though, I swatched for Wicked last night (the Swish Superwash, Elizabeth - you were right...SO soft and squishy!) and I'm positive that one's going to come out much better (and FASTER) than my poor Bonita.

Finally, a layout. That I did last night. For no reason at all other than I bought these MM glitter letters (they ROCK by the way...no flaking glitter at all!) and the Stemma rub-ons (also, rocketh) to use on a page together a few weeks ago and finally just made some time to play! My moms and nephew last weekend at her surprise birthday party :D A little Love, Elsie paper and that's it!

It's the weekend! (this really has no meaning for our family thanks to C's funky schedule but I know that it's reason for most normal people to celebrate) So have a good one :D


  1. Anonymous6:34 AM

    Happy Friday E!!!
    No need for an Elmo cake pan or for a pregnancy book, although it's amazing!!! Good for you for throwing out! I've been doing it a lot :) I need to have a yard sale.....said with much cringing :P
    Love that layout of your mom and nephew! He's getting so big!

  2. Anonymous6:38 AM

    what the heck. when did you start blogging regularly? I've got you in my 'check once a month' list. You definitely need to be upgraded. Go you! LOVE that layout.

  3. Anonymous7:25 AM

    the glitter letters - i see them! i actually used two of them on an intro page for a mini album i've started... need to scan it so i can show you and miss ash that i actually did use them. those are fun! funny in that i've never seen them anywhere besides the zone.

    can't wait to see the sweater! hoping to finish up the beret this weekend and then photograph everything. you must bring your knitting to cha so we can show and tell.

  4. Anonymous7:26 AM

    you never fail to make me laugh out loud e. you seriously have a talent there. :) love the layout and the book and everything, but i've got no need for elmo or a pregnancy book...although i love the idea of your book. so cool! and thanks for the heads up on the ass flavoring. i'll be sure to not use it. ever. ;) have a great weekend. ps: thanks for cheering me up!

  5. Love that picture. She was born to be a Grandma, that's for sure. Great layout.

    And I love the elmo pics. I'd heard the story, but the pics really do say it all.

  6. Anonymous9:30 AM

    I am dying over the bday pics...too funny!!

    And I love that envelope album. so freaking cool.

    And that layot is fabulous!!

  7. Hee hee! What you said about the Elmo cake cracked me up girl! Caylin LOVES Elmo, but wouldn't touch the cake probably. I do however have a friend who is preggers and would love to give her that book if no one else has taken it! I'll be glad to pay for shipping! I loved it when I saw it in BHG! Hope you are doing well! That layout is absolutely beautiful! I love photos like that and I love that color combo! Happy Friday! Yay! :)

  8. Well, heck, I'll take the pregnancy one...I have a friend who just found out! If no one else wants it for themselves, that is...

    I made a stop sign cake once w/red and black icing, and similar taste of ass...ROFL

  9. oops...didn't see the one on top of my comment - never mind...hee hee

  10. I would definitely take the book....(from BHG) for my *hopeful* pregnancy within the next few months;)


  11. I didn't know you could make a cake in ass flavor. Good to know.
    I would have claimed the album for a friend, but I see it's gone. :( Guess I will just have to knit her something.
    Have a good one!

  12. Anonymous6:52 PM

    That layout absolutely rocks! I want those rub-on flowers!!

    But you can keep the cake pan. ;)


  13. I seriously thought I was the only person who had such trouble with red frosting tasting terrible. I feel much better now. You are funny!

  14. omg! how totally funny about the elmo cake...love those pics...you must do a layout about that, LOL! his face is priceless!

    love that new layout...those stemma rubons are on my to-get list, you made me want them even more ;)

  15. Anonymous3:54 AM

    oh my gosh...I'm laughing. Hard. Love the elmo cake story. And good for you...it feels so good to get rid of stuff!!!

  16. Anonymous6:33 AM

    Okay... that birthday cake story is hilarious!!! I will have to tell you my butterfly cake story sometimg....

  17. Anonymous12:51 PM

    you are too funny, miss e.
    i have been so out of the loop, but happy to have caught up on your blog just now.
    okay, that layout totally rocks.
    i MUST have those rub-ons...but how would i ever use them...they are too cute for words.
    have a happy weeekend.

  18. Anonymous3:37 PM

    Love the layout Erica and loved that mini album in BHG. Your creativity is so inspiring! Too funny about the ass cake-at least you make them for your boys. I buy the b-day cake around here. I didn't manage to make cupcakes for M's 6th b-day recently and that is a funny story in itself!

  19. tee hee, the Elmo cake pan story is too funny. Guess i won't be needing that :p

    and LOVE that pregnancy mini-album. Ruben just turned 8 weeks now, and i seriously need to make it ;)

  20. blast. i did. I jinxed you, didn't i? please delete my first comment. LOL

  21. Anonymous9:48 PM

    Your Elmo pan brings back memories of my Connor's 2nd birthday! In fact, I just got rid of my pan a couple of weeks ago. I made the cake the day before his party, and while I was frosting the cake, my step-mother was teaching Connor to stick his fingers in the icing bowl and then lick them and stick them back in. Well, that night, Connor developed a horrible cough, and Alvin and I listened to him over the baby monitor all night, convinced we'd have to call off the party the next day. He got up on the day of the party and seemed ok. But I was afraid that if he wasn't ok, he had tainted his whole birthday cake. So we made a frantic run to the grocery store for a replacement cake, and later, Connor got to eat the Elmo cake all by himself. He pulled the pupils off the eyeballs and ate them first. Freaky to watch. Little weirdo! ;-)

  22. Anonymous7:51 AM

    Well now, why didn't I come here sooner? In all serousness I think I had rather pay someone to make Stewart's b-day cake. Too funny that they had the same theme for their 2nd b-day, though. Love that layout, BTW!



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