because I like it random.

Look what Carlos got in the mail today...a special invitation and tickets to Donald J. Trump's conference next month. A special VIP invitation straight from the Don himself. Guess they need some seat fillers pretty badly, lol. I mean, I know we've been doing a great job of socking away some house dough and all but I seriously doubt we're next in line to become "America's next Billionaire Real Estate Guru" (that oughtta generate some google hits :p) Anybody want 'em...I think we're busy that day (although George...wouldn't mind meeting him!)

This boy has a major Mario complex lately. Carlos got the boys the Super Mario boxed set a few months ago and Jake has been obsessed ever since. He knows all of the words, he wants a Mario bedroom, and now, he wants to wear a mustache and a hat like Mario. He dances, sings, lives, breathes Mario. Do you guys remember the show? Mario is Captain Lou Albano people...of the famed WWF Albano's...Cindy Lauper's buddy Lou. It's star-studded. On the first disk alone there are cameos by Cindy herself, Nicole-someone-or other (from CHARLES IN CHARGE!), Winnie from the Wonder Years. These are major stars (heh.) So anyway, Jacob in full Mario mode right here. He's a star for sure.
This boy...need a haircut ('nuf said)
(but he also totally digs Mario)

both frames are from Katie Pertiet

Oh, and this is a cool deal too so check it out and think about applying! You could be a star ;-)

And this, because DUDE, what a cool little tool for scrapbookers!

And this 'cause it just looks fun :)

OK, anyway...so back to work! Later gators!


  1. Anonymous2:04 AM

    those stache pics are the CUTEST thing ever. Seriously. you have one cool dude there :) Well, make that two cool dudes, cuz who could resist those eyes of Z?

  2. Anonymous8:12 AM

    omg, i thought i had the only whackadoo kids obsessed w/ that show. bwhahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.


  3. I totally forgot there was a show. My kids are obsessed with gameboy/gamecube Mario, which is bad enough.
    Sounds like the star studded season of the next Dancing with the Stars!

  4. Anonymous12:45 PM

    OMG!! I got the same invitations! Carlos and I are destined to be moguls, both of us! Go us!


  5. Anonymous12:55 PM

    I've been thinking about getting my J the dvd's! He loves playing MarioKart on the ds! Cracks me up!

    Love these pics.....*how* the heck do you get such gorgeous catch lights in their brown eyes? Not that explaining it will help me ;) LOL!

  6. dude, those are the cutest pics of Jake:):) Random is always goo;D

    Love the camera with the built in printer...very cool. For those times when you need to scrap RIGHT at that moment!!

  7. Anonymous3:02 PM

    love these photos of the boys...sigh...they are getting so big.
    i love the mario 'stache! too funny!
    hope you are well, my friend!

  8. Omg, those pictures are so cute!! Love the frames too.

  9. Anonymous11:11 PM

    Those Mario pics are TOOOOO cute!!!We are HUGE Mario fans here. :)

  10. Sure you don't want to go see the Donald? Jeremy & I got tickets too..we could make a night of it. Juuuust kidding.

    The boys are too cute, I miss them.

  11. Anonymous8:44 PM

    Dude, The Donald invited Chris too...



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