t-minus 21 days

The big day is just 3 weeks from today. So far, so good. The inspections have been completed. Work orders have been generated to fix the things that need fixing...a cracked window (courtesy of my darling husband and an errant chip shot), some fungus (ewwww) under the bathroom generated by lots of water and a splash-happy toddler, some shingles that need to be replaced. The appraisal came in today and we're good with that as well. Title should call soon to set up an appointment to handle our end of the transfer paperwork. Still much to do but we're happy with the progress made. We've also made arrangements to get a dumpster from the city to get rid of some stuff we don't plan on taking and plan to reserve the moving company and a storage unit on Friday when we get our tax returns! Tomorrow I need to go to City Hall and get copies of the permits pulled when the owners before us added on the bonus room and workshop.

See this? I am SO getting this for Jake (ok, me) before we make that drive...I've been waiting for YEARS to get PeeWee on DVD. Fond memories, something to share with the kiddos. I also got an awesome box of goodies from my good buddy Rachel filled with fun stuff for both of the boys to keep them busy along the way. I'm sad to be moving even further away from her :(

Last night after Jake and Zack were asleep I secretly sneaked toys out of the house and into the garbage. Anything that was in more pieces than it originally came in - gone. Any toy that made it's way into the house in a box or bag alongside french fries - gone. Ahhh, feels good.

So, as you can see, we're well on our way to wrapping up preparations. I'll keep you all updates here!

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