Supernanny rocks my world...

...and if I saw her on the street I'd give her a big kiss.

Honestly, I've never even seen the show. But I *did* see her on Oprah (which I also never watch...just happened to be on that channel the day she interviewed Supernanny. Proof that it was destiny for us to watch that particular day for the help we needed.)

We've been having issues with Jake for awhile now. At our wits' end with the tantrums and screaming and the terrible onem two and threes.

And then the miracle that is Jo Frost Mary Poppin'ed her way into our lives. We've been working with Jake using some of her suggestions and it's like night and day around here. He still has a few fits a day but we've learned how to handle them so much better than our previous method of tearing our hair out and whimpering in the corner.

We've got Jake saying "understand" when we explain to him what his behavior *should* be.

He says he's sorry for acting the way he does and gives us hugs afterwards.

It's soooo much calmer around here and so much more pleasant.

Thank you Supernanny.

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  1. Anonymous11:13 PM

    Man, I'm with ya, E. Those tantrums can be exhausting. Sean is our passionate guy. Emma and Kyle are both capable of some doozies, but Seanie produces them more frequently. I'll have to look up this Super Nanny person and see if there's anything I can apply to our dealings with the situation.

    I am really enjoying your blog!!! :)




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