Listen to Your Parents

Zack seems impressed, right?

I've had an idea for this canvas for awhile but as I am woefully ill-equipped to actually create "art" I put it off for a long time. The canvas had been in my basement for a couple of months so finally, I just hung it on the wall blank with the thinking that staring at it on a daily basis would motivate me to actually complete the project. The day after I hung it, I pulled it back down and painted it (hint: don't hide those in-progress projects until you're ready to do them. Force yourself to confront them until you knock them out or, just as acceptable, decide to forgo them altogether.)

The painting isn't perfect. It's not big enough for the space. It emphasizes how off-center our couch is (I could fix that but it would entail moving a cabinet in order to move a rug in order to move the couch and sometimes, imperfection is fine.) But I honestly love it anyway. I did it as a reminder for the kids, sure, but how much does it really mean to them? Mostly, I did it as a reminder to myself...that they are always listening, always observing...even when all evidence points to the contrary. It's a reminder I need sometimes.

I had a couple of people inquire about the design so I saved it as a digital version as well in case you need a reminder of your own. You can grab an 8" x 10" printable from my etsy shop, or, download a 3" x 4" card right here.

I think an entire collection of Words of Wisdom cards might be in the works. Any suggestions? If I use yours, I'll send you the whole set when I'm done creating them. Collaboration works, friends :)


  1. Do your best
    Share your gift
    Believe in yourself

    1. I love these, nicole - especially "share your gift" - thank you!

  2. Anonymous2:32 PM

    "Because I said so", I'm the MOM!
    Texas Anne



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