project lifin'

I've documented about half of 2013 and would like to finish it up and move forward with 2014 in the same, simplified manner I adopted late in the year. One of the things I did in my 2013 album that I really loved and want to duplicate this year is the title page.

For each of the kids, I created a flip up card insert with their photo on the outside, and inside, a mini questionnaire. I love that it not only captures their likes and goals but also, their handwriting and signature. I tweaked this list for my version. I added/subtracted a couple of things and shrunk it down to fit my baseball card style pockets.

So, tomorrow, I'll work on these with them. I don't know when they will actually be turned into my 2014 PL opener, but it WILL happen.



  1. So did you use the regular size baseball card pockets you can find at the office supply store?

  2. Um, this is kinda awesome. I printed off a "year in review" type questionnaire for the kids, but I had now idea where I was going to put them, as they're letter-sized. I'm so doing this!



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