a children's book recommendation for my children's book loving friends

I've been following the Red Nose blog for years now - I'm a huge fan of the seeing the process used to create those magical little characters and scenes. Last week though was the first time I actually picked up a book that had been illustrated via Red Nose and it was just so lovely, I had to share.

While we have accumulated a lot of children's books over the years (because books are really the one extravagance that I feel absolutely zero guilt in indulging) I'm become much more selective in what I purchase versus what we check out from the library because 1) we LOVE variety and 2) a book needs to be really, really special to return to over and over.

We have our personal family favorites like anything Shel Silverstein or Oliver Jeffers, plus a handful of series that the boys love to collect and flip through long after the first reading (the typical choices of Origami Yoda, Wimpy Kid and Captain Underpants variety) but we don't make too many impulse purchases anymore.

I read The Beginner's Guide to Running Away from Home to Izzy a few days ago and found myself studying it alone a handful of times after. I usually return books a couple of times a week to pick up a new stack, always returning the ones that have already been read but this one, I held onto through a couple of additional trips because I couldn't bear to part with it just yet.

It appears as though there are two other books, The Look Book and Here Comes the Garbage Barge, that have also been illustrated by Red Nose so, this year for sure, the entire collection will be under the Christmas tree.

One other library book that we recently checked out that Izzy enjoyed (and had fun illustrations) was Picture Day Perfection. A silly little story but enjoyable enough to read (a must for a book that will be read multiple times) with a pocket in the back for framing a school photo. I plan on getting that one for her as well - a perfect gift for a kindergartner as she's just started the whole school picture thing and it will be a fun way to collect each year in one place.

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