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Awhile back, I listed a friendship belt DIY kit in my etsy shop. Apparently, based on the description:
My littlest child and only girl started school this fall (boo) and in an effort to spice up her wardrobe a bit with some personalized items, I decided to turn the newly ubiquitous, flash-from-the-past friendship bracelet into a belt. And I love it :)
I must have had them up a couple of years ago.

She's pretty adorable, right? But so much bigger now!

I'm planning to make a new one before Izzy starts kindergarten (sob) in less than two weeks (double sob) so I thought I'd share the idea here as well.

All you need is some yarn (I'm going with inexpensive cotton...the stuff you'd use for a dishcloth - this won't stretch too much and will hold up to being tossed in the washer if necessary) and a couple of D rings.

If you look closely, you can see that I added a small bit of tape wrapped around the opening in the rings...just to be safe. For the yarn, I used about 250" looped though the rings like so - the yarn will be doubled up to make for a sturdier finished product. That length of yarn should get you a belt up to 35"+ then you can cut the excess off.

For the belts above, I did a standard chevron pattern but I'm thinking of trying out this lovely leaves pattern or the evil eye pattern if I'm feeling particularly brave. If Izzy spies this Hello Kitty pattern though, I'm done for.


  1. LOVE this and love that i have a stash of yarn as well. :) you're a smart cookie, E.

  2. that is awesome!! love it!



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