I clearly haven't had much to say lately and that's OK. I'm done with the days of apologizing for my absence (because, really, no one cares. And this is mostly for me anyway, right?)

We're been busy with summer and a baby shower I helped host a couple of weeks ago. We're in the midst of doing some major work around the house and Izzy's birthday is coming up this weekend (FIVE. don't even get me started.)

I've been craving some creative time though so I grabbed a couple of $1 kits from Pixels & Co. and put this together. And it was fun! Maybe what I needed to get me going on the last half of my May project. Maybe.

KITS: Dude | Stamp Press Life | Destination: Flight Path | font


  1. Hooray for not apologizing and doing your thing. Love your layout and happy almost FIVE to Izzy! :)

  2. Definitely support the not apologizing and just doing what you do! :) That is always a good idea!

    Super cute layout! My daughter walked by as I was looking at your layout and she said she looks just like me! And, sure enough, she does! So cute! I love the Pixel & Co dollar deals! I need to go shopping myself!

  3. love your style, Erica!

  4. Hooray for not apologizing but I beg your pardon your absence has been felt, ha.

  5. You're so amazing!! :)



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