mad today

The past week, I've been so sad trying to come to terms with what happened last Friday. I'm so torn between wanting to just stick my head in the sand with my eyes closed and my fingers in my ears shouting LA LA LA, I CAN'T HEAR YOU and immersing myself in the news to honor the victims the only way I really know how. I can't think about those horrific events for even a second without welling up.

Today I'm just mad.

Mad that two dumb ass sophomores at our local high school thought it would be funny to prank text their moms yesterday that their was a shooter in the school. That the high school went into lock down and dozens of law enforcement were dispatched. That rumors are rippling through the district about some student organized revolt tomorrow because of the Mayan calendar.

Mad that I got a call at 10 o'clock last night to let me know the last two days before holiday break are canceled county-wide thanks to these hilarious jokes. Because there aren't enough resources to investigate every bogus claim.

Mad is an understatement. I'm multi-expletive pissed.

Mad that I spent the majority of the day yesterday dying rice blue for a crafty activity in Zack's class.  And putting together treats for Izzy's classmates. And gifts for 5 teachers that I'm so indebted to. Teachers that shouldn't have to fear for their lives in an effort to educate our children. Mad that I was at the store at 9 last night buying cheese and crackers to put together a tray for Jake's party tomorrow.

Mad that I had to tell my kids this morning that their break was starting early. That I had to ruin their initial joy by telling them why.

Mad that an in-school evaluation we had scheduled this week for one of my kids won't happen for weeks now. Yeah, really, really mad.

So freaking mad that my kids have to grow up knowing about this stuff.

So I guess we'll get an early start on the snowflakes for Sandy Hook that I was planning to make as a holiday break project. And be unspeakably grateful for the fact that I have my three kids with me to cut paper into pretty shapes in the hope that it will bring one iota of joy to a community so thoroughly devastated.

And listen to Christmas music and make cookies and wrap gifts and hug my kids and and try to be glad instead of sad and mad.


  1. Tht is horrible that those kids did that!!! Wow, absolutely infuriating :(

  2. I might suggest sending this to your kids schools. The kids that pulled this "prank" should be told about the impact of their actions. Break starting early might seem like a pretty fun side-effect. But it's not fun for the kids who miss out on school parties & crafts. Or the parents who worked incredibly hard to pull off these holiday treats, only to have their work be in vain. And what about the parents that don't have care for their kids for 2 days now, and have to miss work? You should be pissed. Every parent and child in the county should be pissed. You got screwed by people acting selfishly and stupidly. I hope there are massive amounts of community service in their future.

  3. oh hugs, friend! i'd be mad too. so frustrating that this happened to you guys (and many other kids) right before break. such a senseless thing to do.

  4. Thats ridiculous! I'm mad too, just reading this! I hope those two boys get their just punishment! Enjoy your early break!

  5. livid that you and your three aren't getting to celebrate with their classmates. so, so frustrating.

  6. Seriously!!! What is wrong with people! This is just so wrong on so many levels. Peace to you and your family during this unexpected break. I do hope you find joy to replace the anger and sorrow we are all feeling after this latest sadness brought to our lives. <3

  7. grrrr...cannot imagine what I'd be feeling, but I share your anger as a mom!

  8. I hope that those two amazingly immature and mean sophomores have to pay a price for their actions. I like Kelly's suggestion of community service. I also think that they should be made to go to each school and apologize for ruining planned celebrations. They should also be made to apologize and explain their actions to each school's PTO. Maybe that would embarrass them enough to at least think about their actions before they do something so incredibly insensitive again.

    I would be pissed, too.

    Enjoy the time with your kids.

  9. Oh, Erica. I hadn't read this yesterday so I didn't realize that you really did totally know what Gracie was going through... we had a superintendent auto-call on Tuesday to let us know that they were being vigilant about rumors/pranks/Dec 21 stuff (to which I had no idea that I was even supposed to be worried about that too until I got the call) but all was quiet in Cheyenne yesterday. So, so, so sorry. You will no doubt find ways to make their break special, but I totally understand the multi-expletive response : (

  10. Wow! I can't believe that kids would think to do that. I hope that they have learned that it is not funny. I hope that your days have gotten better & that you have enjoyed some family time.

  11. Anonymous2:27 PM

    no need to be mad... its the world we live in now unfortunately...



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