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I've never done a December Daily but so love checking out all of the projects I've seen over the years. This year, I'm going to try to do something. Not necessarily a December Daily but at the very least, a December Something. Just enough to document a handful of our traditions and some moments from our 2012 holiday season. I really want to keep things simple. The plan is to use Instagram to capture a moment each day - I use it far more than my regular camera (though that will get a good workout this month as well) and knowing I can count on a square format photo each day will help (potentially) work ahead a tiny bit.

A few days ago, I grabbed a few kits to work with. I'm done I tell ya - done! So all of you amazing designers, stop creating more stuff that I can't resist. I have a couple of things I've designed myself that I'll work in as well. Looking at it all here, it seems not quite as simple as I intended but if I use it judiciously, it'll work the way I have it planned in my head.
TOP: Nettio Designs Holiday Faves | Zoe Pearn A Lot Like Christmas | Paislee Press Press Cards No 18
BOTTOM: The Celebration Shop Tags (free!) | Three Paper Peonies My Life in Photos (free again!) | Micheline Martin Artsy Bits
Now to figure out what the heck I'm going to do for an advent calendar. I have two days, right? I could always do what I did last year...create a tree with small brown paper bags - perfect for dropping in small toys/candy/notes; paper circle garland and drawn on tree.

I really like to add a lot of extra stress to my life though so who knows what I'll end up with.


  1. Ha. I am right there with you--I do a Photo-A-Day in December almost every year, but this year I think I've committed to doing a December...something. ; ) (It all came from clicking that damn preorder button on Studio Calico--I thought I was clicking to see the price but BLAM it was a done deal.) So. There you go.

  2. love this color combo. can't wait to see what you come up with!

  3. i just love you. lots.



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