this is how I procrastinate

I haven't been designing much lately...it goes in fits and spurts unfortunately. I love putting out something I'm really proud of but it doesn't happen nearly as much as I'd like!

I put together this printable a few weeks ago and didn't end up using it for what it was intended for so I figured I'd share it hear rather than re-purpose it. I've already printed this one and slid into a few project life slots.

(click to download a printable PDF)
Today, I tried (hard!) to start designing a new kit but was instead drawn back to this thing so I picked a color scheme I've been saving and put together another printable that focuses on staying positive...something I'm good at most of the time but need to remind myself of once in awhile. Maybe you can use it too.

(click to download)
Have fun! If you find a use for them, I'd love to see your projects.


  1. Of course you know YOU ROCK :)Thanks darling!

  2. such cute kits! i especially love that staying positive one - so awesome, e.

  3. these = AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. thanks Erica!! love these. ♥♥♥

  5. Both kits are awesome...thanks!

  6. Jennifer B.8:41 AM

    these are awesome! thanks!



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