Our New Year's Eve was spent at home with my brother Jeremy, his fiance Kelly, and his son Tyler. The kids were incredibly and surprisingly well behaved...four kids and no intervention required at any point. That alone is a fantastic indicator that 2012 will be a good year. An omen that maybe, the Mayans got it all wrong after all!

We were determined to keep things classy. With boxed wine and processed cheese food. It wasn't easy hiding that giant box in my shopping cart. Gotta say though, that wine wasn't too bad. For $10 for the equivalent of more than 6 bottles, you can't beat the price!

Lots of snacks to keep us fattened up through midnight. This feta dip recipe was FANTASTIC and so incredibly easy. I just paired it with a giant loaf of crusty french bread and pretty much ate the whole platter myself.

The boys went with rum. I know one of them was regretting that decision greatly the next day. And it wasn't Jeremy. Pretty sure it was Sailor Jerry's that really made the difference.

After midnight, we celebrated with some twirling. (Side note, we missed New Year's by a minute. And when we turned on the TV at 12:01 to see the ball drop, we hit the PBS New Year's celebration first. Nothing says party into the new year like PBS!)

There was also some arm wrestling.

And some game play. Apples to Apples which was so fun!

Apparently, the cards you end up winning in Apples to Apples are supposed to describe you. Look at my cards. Don't you feel happy to know such a delightful person?

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  1. ah yes. cuddly and patriotic. that's how i always think of you.... ;) xoxoxo.



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