very happy

  • that c and I got away for a night ALONE on Saturday. yay for free hotel nights (one benefit off a job that requires a lot of travel) and vegetarian restaurants (delish!) boo to an internal body clock that drove us from the hotel bar where we were enjoying some live jazz at 10 pm and maids knocking on the door at 9 am.
  • I finally broke Izzy of her night time light requirement. now to work on Jake.
  • baseball season starts in 9 days.
  • she shares her amazingness
  • that I discovered this gem of an add on for my gmail
  • to have carved out some knitting and reading time lately (also happy to live so close to our wonderful little library!)
  • that I knew better than to jump on the "yay! spring is here!" bandwagon. Since we have a winter storm warning for tomorrow.
  • parent teacher conferences are tomorrow and I never have a need to worry about how they will go. my kids are rock stars at school. wish it would carry over to home!
  • my yearly physical is Saturday. not happy to have it. happy that soon, I can forget about it for almost a year. and happy that we have insurance that pays for it and lowers our rates because we get it.

1 comment:

  1. that gmail addon looks too cool... off to check it out!



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