making stuff...the notalgic edition

This is a blanket I finished a few months ago.

IMG_0018 by you.

It's not really a pattern I would typically choose.

IMG_3362 by you.

But my grandma was a knitter and taught me how years and years ago. She knit me countless sweaters and slippers and blankets. This is all I have left though. And, it has a hole in it.

IMG_3360 by you.

I quit for more than 20 years and had to be re-taught. I wanted to knit something to connect me to my grandma and preserve the last gift she gave to me in some small way.

IMG_3361 by you.

So, I found the stitch pattern she had used for the blanket, chose a yarn and set to work.

IMG_0016 by you.

And now, it's done. And even though it was kind of monotonous, I'm glad I did it. Izzy sleeps with it now. And she seems to like it. That's all the validation I need.

IMG_0031 by you.


  1. i swear, i don't know how you get so much accomplished! please, share your secret, oh wise one.

    and love the blanket.

  2. beautiful! I love the color and the stitch is just gorgeous!

  3. You're so darned talented. And I'd also love to know your secret for getting so much done!

  4. gorgeous! i love the lacey look to it!

  5. oh e, i love the blanket and your reason for knitting it. it is beautiful!

  6. that is gorgeous, and such a sweet story.

  7. absolutely gorgeous! I love it!

  8. E, this is beyond beautiful. And the sentimentality behind its creation puts it there. What a lovely blanket! The perfect homage to your grandma. :)

  9. And I am sure Grandma is looking down and smiling a sweet smile for you and your sweet one. I love that as you were knitting each stitch, you were connecting and remembering a mother's/grandmother's love. That is what it is all about...connections and love.



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