March...was a bust. Do something for myself every week? Yeah right. Moving on :p

I *did* have a "do something" goal for April even though I never posted about it. I cooked a different meal every night for the entire month. We had three leftover clean up nights...didn't want the food to go to waste! But I didn't repeat a meal the whole time. And we haven't eaten from a restaurant (other than the occasional coffee) in close to two months now. Feeling a little bit healthier and proud of myself for trying some new things (nothing complicated but we did discover some easy new favorites :)

For May, I want to sew something. I've had the machine for like 3 months now but haven't summoned the courage to try it out. I suck. I will sew *something* in the next two weeks though. And I promise to share it even if it looks like something the cat coughed up. I have a few fabric remnants that I bought to try some stuff out and plenty of inspiration. It's the skill and motivation that's lacking. It will come.

Miss Izzy turned 10 months a couple of days ago. Pure craziness, I tell ya. Still just two little teeth on the bottom but one of the top teeth is visible just under the gum. She's not thrilled with that. She's walking along furniture, starting to let go for brief moments, carrying stuff in her mouth when she crawls (no, we don't have a dog so the smarty pants figured that out by herself) sleeping in her crib all night and for one or two naps during the day, LOVING food - especially pasta (because she is mine through and through) saying mama and dada all the time, still not a cuddlebug at all watching her brothers like a hawk - she is so into what they are doing! Basically, we love her to pieces and am trying to stall these last 2 months before one as long as possible. Oh, and obviously, she's in that won't-sit-still-for-a-second phase :p

School is over in four weeks and in that time we have one day off (Memorial Day,) three field trips, a school picnic, field day, a kindergarten program, a graduation open house and an awards ceremony. How will I handle it when I have three kids in school AND involved in actual activities? I don't know how you all do it.

Yesterday was my dear husband's birthday (happy birthday, sweetie!) And we celebrated low-key with hamburgers and the richest chocolate cake ever. Thanks for joining us, mom and Scotch...errr, Scott.

And watermelon. Definitely can't forget the watermelon (looking forward to diaper changes today - woo hoo!)


  1. Hi Erica! Nice to see you posting :).

    And CONGRATS on the April "Do" of cooking ... that's very impressive. We've gotten out of our "eating out" habit (which was never more than 1X a week) and it's now about 1-2X/month. Much healthier and much more frugal :). My other favortie thing to do along this line is to pack "special" lunches when we have to be out and about during lunch time. Instead of being tempted to hit any kind of drive-thru ("healthy" or not) I just pack some fun stuff we might not normally have at lunch time. Ethan thinks eating in the car from his lunch box is so fun ;). Who needs McD's?!?!

    Now onto your May "Do" ... you know I'm all about this one. I have so many projects/tutorials/ideas bookmarked, etc. So if you have an idea of something you'd like to try I'd be happy to point you in that direction. But I'd suggest something quick with straight lines to start. Maybe a pillow? Table runner? Then move onto something a little more challenging, then more challenging, etc. Each time you're confidence (and I bet motivation if you make sure they're quick projects) will grow too!!

    Happy sewing, I can't wait to see what you come up with!!

  2. Wow! 10 months! These kids refuse to stop growing ;)
    She's ADORABLE. I'm just waiting for Harrison to get to finger foods. I'm not sure why, but I'm excited for it.

    And good for you on cooking something new every night! Jon and I are just trying to be healthy when we cook. So far, so good :)

    Thanks for the catch-up!

  3. i love when you post on your blog.

    love the photos. good luck with the sewing.

    i can't believe you made that many new meals in april! you are my hero.

  4. 10 months...for real? That is crazy! She just keeps on getting cuter though :) And your hubby is looking fab...Happy happy bday to him! So glad to see updates from you. Miss ya!

  5. 10 months already!! That's crazy...and she's adorable as always.

    I doubt that anything you make would ever look like something the cat threw up...can't wait to see your sewing project;)

  6. Share some of your recipes, girl. I feel like I'm always making the same thing. UGH! Can't wait to see what you sew. it will be awesome!!

  7. sweet pea is going to be one soon! amazing!!! it has been nice to see her grow through these months...

  8. awesome job on cooking so much! that is so great! I see pink on Izzy...did you switch diapers or is that a diaper cover? I am still trying to decide what to do for the new baby!



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