nine in, nine out...

This photo was taken on Izzy's 9 month "birthday" a couple of days ago - see the two little teeth! she's crawling like a champ, pulling up on furniture to walk along it and starting to let go to test her legs before plopping on her butt. Kid #1 and kid #2 were 10 month walkers so it's only a matter of time...sigh.
Also, how serendipitous is it that little missy moo learned how to say mama the same week I started putting her in her crib to sleep at night? (dripping sarcasm)


  1. Oh, the stinker.

    PS - When would be a good weekend for you guys to come to the Gailey casa for food, beverages and cheer?

  2. you can tell she looks like her brothers. :)

  3. maureen8:40 PM

    She is gorgeous and those teeth! So sweet! I can't believe she is already 9 months E!

  4. So cute, Erica! Can't believe how quick time is going...my little girl is now 1! Love the Easter pic you took, too!

  5. What? How can she be 9 months already? Too cute Erica, she's a beauty, and totally the feminine version of her big brothers too. ;)

  6. How could she possibly be 9 months old already? Time flies at lightning speed, I swear. Those eyes are amazing. You are in for some trouble, E. She could get away with murder with those things. ;)


  7. I am seriously convinced that they learn how to lay on the guilt as young as a couple of months old! :)



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