I wasn't going to share this...

Because although I'm very interested in politics and this election, I'm *not* interested in swaying people's opinion. Either you have good reasons for voting for your chosen candidate (whomever that may be) and I totally respect that. OR, you have some crappy, twisted, ill-informed reasons for your choice in which case, you're not going to listen to what I have to say anyway :)

It's too cute not to share though and I love that both boys are interested in the election process as well. They've asked to go with us when we vote and who am I to say no? I hope as they get older, we can help them maintain a healthy interest in the political process and the importance of fully informed voting.


  1. Hi Erica!
    I couldn't get the video to work ... I'll keep trying.

    I think it's great for kids to understand the importance of voting and taking them a long is a great start to creating that "love of democracy."

    Two years ago I took Ethan with me to vote (he was 2 1/2) and we waited THREE HOURS to vote!! I'm not sure that left a good impression, but it sure left an impression, LOL. He still says, "that's where we voted" when we drive by our precinct.

    I was thinking of making my own version of a t-shirt I saw "I want to vote" so he can wear it on Election Day. Although this year I opted for the Mail in Ballot that we'll just drop and run on election day :). After all I want to hear that "I voted" and get my sticker :).

    Happy Day!

  2. that is cute, bo matter your politics!

  3. Anonymous11:24 AM

    Well, he *IS* cute....and his voice and yours :) :)
    Politics, we are not long lost twins.....love you just the same ;)

  4. Anonymous1:19 PM

    heeeeeeeeeeeee. that is too cute. alex and ben's school is having their own election on nov 3rd - alex says he's voting for obama because he saw a commercial and agrees with it. i told him he'd made a good choice. ;)

  5. So cute! I don't agree with your choice, but I love ya just the same. ;)

  6. LOL! If Obama could gain the rights to that video and start airing it from now until election day, I think he'd be a shoe-in. :)


  7. Anonymous9:47 PM

    Too cute. Max could make a video but for the opposition.:) He too has a love of the process and is interested in the election this year. I believe his school even holds a mock election and votes-my guess is that kids at this age lean toward where their parents do. However, we are teaching Max to keep an open mind in regard to our great republic and democracy.

  8. LOVE THIS!!!

    My 11 Month old daughter says oooooobaaaamaaa!! But I'm not sure she is actually saying Obama...LOL, although I pretend she is!

    We are Obama supporters too!

    Obama for Prez!!

  9. Perfect choice in my opinion..smart boys, smart parents.....smart cookies! Keep it up! LOVE IT!!! Now, I am holding my breath! Go Obama/Biden!

  10. So cute.. and such a smart little man!

  11. too cute. Alex doesn't say it as cute but is saying the same thing. We've taken her every year to the polls with us. It's sad that this year she'll be with her dad and he doesn't vote:(

  12. adorable and boy is he smart. ;)
    two blogs in one week - you are on to something here!

  13. you have the cutest little people! election 08 has brought so many young people into politics. those that are old enough to vote and those who will be one day. its a wonderful thing don't you think!


  14. Too cute! I hope you'll take him with you when you vote so he can see what it's all about. :)

    There are times when I wish I was American, and this is definitely one of them. SOOO wish I could go vote for Obama!!!

  15. just catching up on your blog :)

    i love this, e!

  16. Love this! Smart little man! ;) cheers!



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