remember being 9 months pregnant...

and having to bow out your legs and stand on your tip toes to pick stuff up off the floor? Yeah, I've been there for awhile but it was just the other today that I realized how ridiculous I must look. I'm walking like a drunk duck...39 weeks and 1 day today. I should try to squeeze in one more photo as I'm assuming it won't be too much longer (11 days at the most, right?)

Obviously, there's still time to enter the baby pool for a chance to win a bunch of goodies! We hit the first guess Saturday and our second today and knowing my babies, even if my water broke this instant, there's no way she'd show up at any point before midnight (sorry, Lisa and Jennifer!) I did have strong regular contractions for a full 24 hours last Saturday. I went to the hospital, they monitored me, sent me home with the promise that I'd be back at some point later that day to have this baby. Now, NINE DAYS later, not a sign of her. Carlos claims she's showing us who is boss already, I'm confident that that's true. For him :)

Not much else to update at this point. A few finished knit projects to share (this is the blanket, dress and pants I talked about before.) You can see them in my flickr account that I just use for knitting stuff.

Oh, and just a couple of links (because what kind of post would it be without them?
  • this crib set is *absolutely* perfect. Exactly what I want. But $60 for a SHEET? I don't think so :p I'll keep looking :)
  • this site is very cool. Great "practice" if you want to bone up on your journaling skills!
  • I can't wait until someone else has a baby so I can do my own version of this. What a cool and fun idea!
OK, back to work. Have a great week!


  1. Oh boy, I can't wait for the waddling drunk duck days! LOL! You crack me up!
    I keep checking your blog daily to hear if she's made her arrival! I hope you are able to enjoy a few more days of rest and relaxing before your little one comes (at least until the 10th, 'kay?).
    LOVE those sheets! They are gorgeous but hokey dinah, crazy expensive! YIKES!

  2. oh wow.
    it is so close.
    i can't stop thinking of you, e!
    sending great labor vibes your way.

  3. Anonymous1:58 PM

    thinking of you lots.... she needs to come SOON!! pregnant in july is NOT FUN!

  4. I almost put in a July 18 guess cause that is my Jake's birthday... even before reading that she is set to be checked out of hotel mommy on that date whether she wants to or not. Hang in there, it will be over sooner or later ;)

  5. thinking of you and your baby girl, e! :) smooches from me and miss c. maybe since we couldn't be bff, they could?

  6. Anonymous2:45 PM

    You've been on my mind non-stop! I can't believe you had contractions all that time and she didn't come.....hmph :P
    I'm going to guess her date as 7-11-08 at 7:11pm.....weighing 7 lbs 11 oz :)
    Hugs and blessings to you my friend!

  7. I saw an extremely preggo lady at target today and thought of you. Enjoy the last few days! She'll be here soon :)

  8. been thinking about you! Can't wait for her to make her arrival:)



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