the real Jake vs. the school Jake

So here is goofball School Jake with his cheesy fake smile and his tilt-your-head-just-a-bit-to-the-left-and-now-chin-UP pose. Sure, a handsome little devil but so not Jake. It's obligatory right? That we still order the photos even though they are cheesy and goofballish?

And here is At Home Jake. Still a goofball but this is the REAL Jake. This kid doesn't smile for "real" without his eyes all scrunched up. I love that about him. I have tons of photos that *I* took with the fake cheesy grin but I'm also the only one that can, on occasion, get the real Jake. I also dig the traditional Indian headdress courtesy of the lovely Mrs. Morse at his fine little school. Some school traditions really rock. Please ignore the fact that he is (inadvertently? let's hope.) flipping me off.This time last week, I expected to be hyperventilating over the pre-Thanksgiving to-do list yet to be concurred. Fortunately, I realized this time last week plus one day that the list just wouldn't be done. And that's cool. The food is accounted for as is the family. Sure, there are a few things I'd like to do still but if I don't have festive little place settings and a season appropriate wreath hanging on Thursday, the world won't end and we'll still all have a fine time. We have much to be thankful for this year. I'm sure (with my posting record) that I won't be posting again before Thanksgiving so to all my friends, enjoy the holiday!


  1. Anonymous10:39 AM

    gotta love the cheesy school pics. And that second one rocks! I love the headband :) Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  2. Ha ha, but yup, what can you do about school pics? I see you went with the ultrastylish turquoise background (as did I)...LOL
    xo, t

  3. LOVE school pictures, always a different kid then you know. But, there's also something very timeless about them. For which I shell out 20 bucks each year (and yes, that is the smallest package humanly possible).

  4. Anonymous3:31 PM

    nothing beats that school pic background, teehee. of course you have to order some, even if they are super cheesy!
    love his *real* look.
    happy thanksgiving.

  5. Jake is a cutie in EVERY picture! ;) I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving, my friend!!

  6. mine are worse!
    I really have 3 dimensional children, I swear!
    Love how the dude is rockin the headband :)

  7. Anonymous7:22 PM

    I always think that those photos make kids look so one dimensional. Max's 1st grade photo looks very much the same as Jakes-so not my kid. Love the little indian photo-so cute! Enjoy your Thanksgiving in your new home E.

  8. Anonymous9:35 PM

    Jake, you are a looker buddy! Love both photos. :) I have to tell you the funniest story about Jenna the other day (the indian head dress reminded me). They had Thanksgiving Feast and they got to dress as indians and pilgrims. Jenna was a pilgrim and when she got home, she cried because she wanted to be an indian. She said, "Mommy I don't like pilgrims. I want to be an indian!" I tried to tell her that she should like everyone whether or not they are indians or pilgrims and just be thankful that she got to have a feast, yadda yadda and she looked at me after my quite heartfelt lecture I thought and said, "Pilgrims are so uncool. I wanted to be an indian." crack me up! No offense to any pilgrim readers you may have.

  9. dude...love the real Jake much better but you gotta love the cheesy school ones. One year friends didn't believe it was Alex in her school picture...didn't look anything like her. They really know how to capture the worst in people...LOL

  10. I think both jakes are adorable :)
    happy thanksgiving to you, my friend!

  11. Anonymous9:31 AM

    Awesome :)



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