any ideas what these two might want to be for Halloween?

They've had their costumes picked out for months now. I'm on the hunt for overalls and fake mustaches. Should be fun (Carlos doesn't want to be Bowser for some reason..I'm perplexed)

Sorry for the lack of posts...I don't expect to be able to update much between now and the move. Thanks to everyone for the congrats - we're beyond excited to get in and make it a home!


  1. hello, mario and luigi!!!
    love it.
    I think connor's going to be a power ranger. Boys.

    Good luck on the move!

  2. chef boyardee...LOL. Can your kids be any cuter! Love that one photo of Zack...that look on his face!

    Alex is going to be a fairy. She says this is her last year so...at least to trick or treat...

  3. who needs any more costume than this?? They are too too cute E!

  4. Anonymous9:56 PM

    oh my god...I totally have to run this idea by the girls. They will be hooked. Good thinking, Michigan mom!

  5. very good choices! i was thinking its surprise they know who they are, and then i forgot, there are still mario and luigi games on the market!

    aka ravelry "7306 people are ahead of you in line."

  6. Anonymous6:41 AM

    How fun!
    Love that idea....you are the coolest mom E!!
    I've not really thought about Halloween....yikes!

  7. Anonymous7:22 AM

    crack me the heck up! that's a perfect costume for those crazy boys. :) love it!

  8. Anonymous5:21 PM

    that is soo funny & soo cute! those little mustaches, teehee. at least they've decided already, unlike my 2, ugh!
    hope the move in goes smoothly!

  9. Anonymous9:01 PM

    your boys are too cute for words E. I just love those photos they put a smile on my face this evening! Good luck with the move!

  10. Anonymous1:19 PM

    i just love these photos.
    they are so darn cute.
    looks like it is going to be a fun Halloween.
    i hope all goes well with the move.
    thinking of you...

  11. They have the most amazing eyes. I bet they get their cheeks pinched by strangers a lot.

  12. Anonymous9:09 AM

    Ohmigosh, this is too cute! Love the hats and mustaches! Very creative! Love it when they plan it and make stuff themselves. They take after mommy...

    Hope you have a very smooth and quick move! Can't wait to see pics of you guys all moved into the new digs.



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