I'm shaking my fist at the Gods of baseball...


What the hell happened to the Tigers last night? Sorely disappointed in them. Bitter that I made myself stay up for the whole game even though it was painfully obvious much earlier that they'd been cursed. Tonight will be different.

I was so distraught I accidentally brushes my teeth before bed with the boys' Superman toothpaste. I may be a convert.

I know you're thinking "she hasn't posted in over a month and *THIS* is what she comes back with??"


OK, I do have one more thing. I did this handcut title thing for this month's BHG (you can see it for yourself on page 85.) I like it, I think it turned out cute. I'll never use it though. First person that tells me they'll use it gets it :)

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  1. OOOO...... you are SUCH A HAND CUTTER...
    I'd say I 'd use it, but I have no idea how, but you find someone that will.
    How's life? Haven't chatted in FOREVEAH!!!!

  2. Anonymous12:08 PM

    Hehe! Your post cracked me up! ;) GO Tigers!! I hope they win the next one, girl! I'm rootin' for them! LOVED that handcut title in BHG! You are such a handcuttin' genius. I'll use it. ;) Can you autograph it on the back! Hehe!

  3. Aw MANNN...I'm too late! LOL!
    Uh yeah, the Tigers didn't look so hot last night. Sorry!
    (and it's about time you updated - I was getting sick of seeing Suri every time I checked! HA!)

  4. Anonymous1:08 PM

    well as I live and breathe.....it's ERICA?????!!!!
    I come every day but NEVER expect to see anything new now so imagine my surprise ;) LOL!
    I love that title! You are a queen with the hand cutting :)

    and....Chris Carpenter is my neighbor.....so well....I was pretty happy with his performance last night! Now normally, I'd totally be rooting for Detroit but....he's my neighbor....so you know....I gotta ;)

    Seriously happy you updated :)

  5. Anonymous2:25 PM

    wooohooo for an update! Even though it's well. sports related. (and i just don't *do* sports so I have no idea what you are even referring too). But you know, I ain't picky. And you know I think that title rocks:)

  6. Anonymous3:48 PM

    hahahaha...glad I stopped watching the game before I figured out who was going to win. Love the handcut title...very cool (of course). I totally owe you an email...I swear... this week, okay:) I'm doing much better now:)

  7. Sigh...yes, we're shaking our fists too...so sad. Tonight will be much better. Bad pitching last night...did you see the pitching error?! Jeremy and I both started screaming at the tv. LOL.

    Fingers crossed for a better showing tonight!!

  8. for awhile I thought your blog was down, but here you are talking about converting to SuperMan toothpaste. You always keep me on my toes E. Always. =)

  9. Anonymous2:37 PM

    can i just say that only you could create something so incredible?!!!
    i kept staring at this in the new issue and then later in the evening read the blurb in the front of the mag about the amazing creator....none other than you!
    love you, e and miss you!

  10. Hehehe on the toothpaste!!
    I love the title work!
    You are FABBBBBBBBB!!
    So glad you posted!

  11. Anonymous8:06 PM

    hey Erica-right there with you. I went to bed early-didn't want to jinx the boys... Kev made sure to wake me with the bad news.. Tonight has got to be better. I am almost afraid to watch..

    Love that handcut title-you know my fear of the exacto-you go girl. Hope to see you soon.

  12. WOAH!! Look at that exacto work - you rocked it, my friend!!! WOW!! And I would use it - most definitely!!!! =)



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