styling by Jake...


(he will of course hate me for this when he is older - at least his face is hidden so he can deny it's actually him :p)

This is my boy who wants to be in his underwear only (or less) 24 hours a day - even in the winter. Today though, he wanted clothes. He picked tham out himself...right down to the accessories. Striped pajama pants. A sports themed pajama top. My black boots. A cowboy hat. He also wore one of Carlos' ties flung carelessly around his neck for a bit but this was the best photo I could manage.

Can't deny the boy has a style all his own :p Posted by Picasa

Proof that he was at least wearing the shirt...



  1. Anonymous8:49 AM

    hilarious!! diggin his cool cowboy-chic style, teehee :)

  2. i love a man who is confident enough to wear his mama's boots. =) what a cutie!!

  3. Anonymous9:56 AM

    what a fashion forward little guy!

  4. Soooo funny! Cole is the sammmme way - he thinks pajamas count as clothes that he can wear out and about. Except they're always, always inside out (the bottoms) and backwards (the shirts). Little lunatics!

  5. again, here I go promising you another picture, but I have a funny one where I dressed myself too...lol!

  6. oooh my.
    that's hilarious.
    Connor hasn't reached the "dress myself" stage yet... can't wait ;)

    thanks for making me giggle this morning!

  7. To quote the infamous hilton.
    He's hot.



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