How I Spent My Sunday Night...

aka a total waste of time as I could have been working on assignments, laundry, reading a book, etc...

I need a change, my hair is boring. I get some highlights or layers (or go RED) from time to time but I bore quickly. I want to go short. So, I played around a little bit in PSE (a very little bit...obviously done rather quickly :p) last night and came up with these freaky little collages. Clockwise from top left, Meg Ryan, Cameron Diaz, Reese Witherspoon and Sharon Stone. Meg and Sharon are out but I thought I would share them anyway for your amusement (what is it about Meg's style that makes me look like I have fisheyes?!?

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So, if you have hair like this - tell me, is it a TOTAL pain to maintain and style? Because I don't do that, lol.

OK, here are the funny ones - C wanted in on the act too so I give you C as Steven Cojacaru (have you ever seen him on the Today show? I think he's hilarious but Carlos thinks he's annoying :p) and as John Travolta back in the day.

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And finally...the grand finale (some of you will get this more than others ;-) Scroll down for the ultimate hair makeover

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OK, for real, gimme some hair advice.


  1. OMG! That one at the end is so funny! I am laughing out loud...Jenna is looking at me like I'm nuts! So funny!!!! I like Cameron or Reese on you. I've had the Cameron cut before. I like it. It was just short and straight. Easy to maintain. Of course, my hair is super straight, so I do well with those cuts. I just put a little product in while it was wet and then blowed it dry and sprayed some hair spray for the fly aways...easy schmeezy. Good luck! Mine has been in a ponytail everyday for the past month I think...I need at trim and some new lights..........

  2. This is the BEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN!!! I was looking at Carlos's pictures and hoping that you'd turned him into Ponch...just as I started to get disappointed... :) SPECTACULAR!!

    And - for the record, I love the "Reese" look on you, doesn't look too difficult...just shower & go??

    We missed you guys Saturday, so sorry you couldn't make it! Sure had it's interesting moments :)

  3. hahahahahaha!! Way too funny!! I think either the Cameron or the Reese would look great on you. Of course, having curly hair, I don't have much advice for those blessed with straight hair. : ) Go Carlos!! Bwahahahahaha!!!

  4. Anonymous10:50 AM

    TOO FREAKING FUNNY!!! oh man, dying here!

    LOVE the Cameron Diaz look...I think that would be perfect for you! Just make sure it's long enough to talk behind your ears...if you're used to having your hair pulled back in a ponytail, it will drive you nuts if it's falling in your face all the time. But I think it will totally suit you :)

  5. lol! I love the Cameron Diaz one, A little bit funky and looks like it wouldnt be all that hard to maintain....LOVE the CHiPs picture...bwahahaha!

  6. Erica... I think maybe this is your niche. :)
    Thanks for the nice laugh!

  7. Anonymous11:48 AM

    So funny Erica!! I love the second one on the top - is that Cameron?? I used to have my hair really short and I loved it! I did have to style it each day but it was so fast! And - it always looks so fresh! I think you'd look great! Can't wait to see what you do!!

  8. Anonymous12:14 PM

    ROFL!!!! Man, it's a good thing I wasn't drinking anything because it would have been all over my monitor!! LOVE those new looks of Carlos'. Hehe! The Cojo one cracked me up and the chips one, well that is just TOO hilarious!

    Anyway, about YOUR hair! I'm right there with you. I want to make a change in a bad way! This mommy ponytail is NOT doing it for me anymore. ;) I love the Cameron one! I think it's funky and cute! I have SUPER thick and SUPER curly hair, so I definitely haven't had that style before becuase if I would have, it would just be a big, foofy, frizzy afro, I'm sure. ;) I think you would look mahvaleous with that cut, though! Can't wait to see what you do! Thanks for the laughs today! :)

  9. FREAKING hilarious! I love it.

    Cameron cut...yes yes yes..do it do it!!! I'm excited to see it :)

    And a note to Carlos....
    Ever...go blonde

  10. Anonymous3:08 PM

    LMAO!!! You're a genius! Can I second the note to Carlos about staying away from the peroxide?! You, however, would look great in any of those ladies' dos. I like Reese's, I think. And she's so perky. Maybe it's the hair! :p

  11. Anonymous7:51 PM

    i'm dying here,
    that's so FUNNY!
    i'm thinking you look damn good as a reese.
    heck ya girl,
    work it!

  12. Ohhhhh my goodness, Erica... rofl over here!!!!
    Out of all of them I really like Cameron Diaz - the color looks really good on you!!
    Can't wait to see which one you pick!!! =)

  13. Anonymous9:42 PM

    You're always good for a laugh. A GOOD laugh. You rock!!! Oh, and nah on the Meg do. And Sharon Stone? Don't even get me going there. The Cameron do is one to seriously consider! Looks easy too!

  14. Anonymous10:00 PM

    OH MY! Carlos as Ponch.... TOO MUCH!!!!
    About the hair... I am not good at this. I just go in and tell my person to cut it however they want... I so need to come up with a plan, too!

  15. Anonymous10:11 PM

    Poor C! I think he should SO go for that last one. Though I'm loving him as Steven Cojacaru, too...

    For you, I say...uh...RW. Cause she is a fine girl. Never shows her panties on movies or anything...

    Or you could just be like me and shave it all off every few years. Totally cures the haircut craving.

  16. Anonymous12:03 AM

    oh these crack me up, I like Cameron and Reese.

    The ones of Carlos are just classic!

  17. Anonymous12:43 AM

    Oh my goodness, I can't stop laughing!!! The pics of your hubby - totally hilarious. On a more serious note, if you can't decide between the Cameron or Reese, go with the the Reese style with the Cameron color.

  18. I'm voting Cameron....definately Cameron.

  19. Anonymous8:49 PM

    LOL....these are too funny!
    I love C as poncho! I used to love that show...dating my old self :P

    Love any for you....I have to add something Rachel said as well...the tucking the hair. I go crazy if I can't....I have wicked thick hair and need to tuck it. I actually just grew mine out in the last 6-9 months.....but I'll probably end up pony tailing it all summer ;)

  20. Anonymous10:34 AM

    You are hilarious. These look really good, actually! I'm voting the same as Joy. :)

  21. Anonymous6:33 PM

    I like Cameron's on you...

  22. Anonymous6:34 PM

    oh yeah...I totally get the last picture...Carlos would look awesome with that hair;D

  23. Anonymous1:06 PM

    i think you look good in all the styles (weird and I'm a teensy bit jealous of that fact :P)

    love carlos as ponch. LOL!


  24. Anonymous8:37 PM

    You crack my ass up!

    Dude... want my hairstylists name and numero? She rocks. :)

  25. Anonymous10:46 AM

    Love the lst one myself for you. Looks very classy. That I thihnk is the Reece one ;-)

    I have to say I had hair like the last pic you posted once....worst year of my life.. YIKES!

  26. OMG.....this is just too funny Erica! You totally crack me up! ;)

  27. OMG, you crack me up Erika :D I want the Reese hair too. I wonder how I would look as a blonde ;)



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