blog schmog...

at least, that's what I said to a friend yesterday. I've thought about getting rid of it but on that rare occasion that I actually have something important to write down, it's an invaluable resource. So, today I vent (and ask for advice, if you have any to spare.)

I've been looking for a job now for months. This is hard for me, harder than I could ever articulate. I want to go back to work badly. Seems no one wants me though. I've had a lot of really good jobs. And I've always gotten every job I wanted and interviewed for. Boeing, GM, Gallo...these are BIG companies. I'm a good worker, I learn quickly if I don't already know, I would be a great resource to any company that would give me a chance. No one will allow me that chance to prove myself though.

I've applied to more places than I can count. I've had interviews with three pretty large companies. No second interviews though (this, is hard! if I'm not even getting second intervies, will anyone EVER want to hire me??) Michigan's economy pretty much bites right now (last I heard, our unemplyment rate was highest in the country.) Add to that the fact that I haven't worked in over three years and the odds are pretty much stacked against me. So tell me, what do I do? How do I get employers to take a second look at me? How do I convince them to hire me for jobs I'm clearly overqualified for (I'm ok with that, I understnad that after three years, I'm not going to be able to step back in right where I left off.) Honestly, I don't *need* to ever be in management again. I'm content to just be a worker bee with BENEFITS for my children. That would please me. Greatly.

I think the worst incident so far was receiving a nice little envelope, very much resembling a Christmas card, handwritten to Erica Hernandez, tucked into the middle of all the other holiday cards I received on CHRISTMAS EVE, telling me that I hadn't made the cut to be interviewed for an Admin position with a local school district. Ouch. And Happy Holidays to you as well Clarkston schools :p

The good news? According to Kelly Services most recent newsletter, by 2013 there will be more jobs than employees :p Think I can get hired then?

OK, on to happier stuff, I have a stack of older Scrapworks paper and alphadotz sitting here that I need to get rid of (out with the old, in with the new!) Probably 50 or so sheets of paper and 15 or 20 sheets of alphadots (with a few missing...probably less than 10 total) First person that lets me know they're interested will get it :)

And my funny for the day? Looked at my hit stats for this blog the other day and saw that someone had found my blog by searching for "androgynous haircuts." I thought that was funny :) There have been a few humorous searches that led to my log but that's my favorite so far :p

A quickie layout I did of Zack yesterday...haven't been scrapping very much in the last month or so and I'm hoping to redisocver the groove I was in a few weeks ago. He's such a little stuf.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Okey doke, so have a nice Wednesday! My family is coming over tonight for lasagna dinner (yum!) looking forward to that! Later gators!


  1. If it seems like you're getting some interviews but no followups, then it's probably not your resume - it's your interview skills. And working on them takes practice. Prep for each interview by finding some commonality between that position and a previous position you held. Be able to complete the question "I can do this job because ......". Have numbers and stats to back you up. Prepare personal work-related anecdotes about goals you met/surpassed. Work in front of a mirror to project confidence and energy. And more than we'd like to think, appearance is important as well.
    Other than that - network, network, network. Always carry resumes with you just in case you run into someone at church, on the bus or anywhere that's looking for someone.
    Sorry that's all I have to offer. Best of luck.

  2. Anonymous8:29 AM

    Move to NH :) I'll find you a job!

    LOL....seriously, I am happy to be the 1st to reply but I better hurry up or I won't be :P
    My mom was in personnel for years...I will copy/paste some of this and ask her if she has any ideas for you.
    I need a job for benefits as well...we pay soooo freaking much every month for our pretty healthy family because Johnny is self-employed. It sucks! He really wants me to go back to work but in order to get back to teaching, I need to take classes (for the big schools....and preschools aren't offering benefits).
    Sorry to go off about that.....I'm going to lose my 1st place stat ;) LOL!
    I adore this layout.....my true favorite of yours to date! I have so many "planned" layouts similiar with fave clothes and such! You just so so so rock erica...truly an inspiration to me! This is soooo top notch material!
    Now...please don't lose the blog and please know I am thinking of you and I'll pray that just the right job comes at just the right time for you....and I know it will!
    Okay, so if I'm still 1st....I'll gasp :)

  3. Anonymous8:30 AM

    Geez, anonymous coward beat me to it :oP LOL!

  4. Anonymous8:30 AM

    oh...but such fab advice from them! my mom would also say that same stuff...I'm sure of it!

  5. Anonymous8:31 AM

    LOL.....oh, and now you must be like....wth is wrong that she keeps talking.........and if *you* aren't.....everyone else is :P

  6. What a handsome little dude you have! He is adorable!!! I'm so sorry the job situation is so darn frustrating. I don't have much advice, though, except I agree with what the first person wrote about networking. Often times it seems to be about WHO you know rather than WHAT you know for the job, you know? ; )

  7. wow! such an awesome layout!
    I am sorry to hear about the job thing. I know how hard that can be. I know that just the perfect job will come along when you least expect it my friend :)

  8. Thinking of you Erica. That is hard. I'm sending good job vibes your way. You rock. Someone is gonna recognize that soon!!! You could always move to "exotic" poteau! he, he!

  9. Anonymous12:07 PM

    oh chica :( I'm so sorry about the job situation. I wish I had an answer or could help in some way. I am crossing every finger and toe for you that the right opportunity comes along and soon! Smooches. lova ya.

  10. Ok, I know this isn't what you want to hear Ms. Erica, but sometimes I truly believe that you don't get what you want, you get what you need... and perhaps what you need is being home with the boys right now. I am sure you havea amazing interview skills... me write you email...

  11. Anonymous12:30 PM

    i think you can one of two ways...either be a real PITA and follow-up till you can't anymore, OR dont' worry about it, don't think about it & that's when something will happen. always goes that way, kwim? btw, that lo is my new FAVE of yours, man oh man!

  12. Anonymous1:41 PM

    Hi Erica! I'm so glad to have found your blog. :)

    Love the layout.

    And about the job situation I really like what the first poster has to say. I also think that perhaps you could set up some mock interviews with someone you trust. Have them "interview" you and see how it goes. I have done this with my son and it seems to really help when I give him constructive critisism on the interview.

  13. Anonymous1:44 PM

    Hi Erica! I'm so glad to have found your blog. :)

    Love the layout.

    And about the job situation I really like what the first poster has to say. I also think that perhaps you could set up some mock interviews with someone you trust. Have they "interview" you and see how it goes. I have done this with my son and it seems to really help when I give him constructive critisism on the interview.

  14. Anonymous1:51 PM

    We've had many chats about the job situation....

    Wish we had better answers for you...

    Instead, all we have...is you in our thoughts :) Always :)

    It'll happen E. It'll happen.

  15. Anonymous3:31 PM

    Hi Erica :) Tracy Miller here. You're getting rid of your SW stuff? Hmmm...

    The job hunt sucks. I'm in a "I don't even know what I would want to interview for" place, so I can empathize. I work in a Career Center at the moment (ironically) and I think that you've gotten good advice. But I'm also an "everything happens for a reason" person, so hopefully all this rejection is setting you up for something better :)

    Oh. And I need to contact you because I need a logo. And I'm letting go of my need to do it myself :)

  16. Anonymous3:42 PM

    Wow, anoymous coward said it pretty well, but I still have to throw in there that I think you should move to Huntsville where there are plenty of jobs! ;) Seriously though, I know how frustrating it can be. When Michael was trying to find a job here in Huntsville it was so hard because he specializes in a certain kind of computer programming and when we least expected it, a job opened up and it happened so fast! I know that someone is going to snatch you right up soon! I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers regarding that and send good job vibes your way! Love that LO, by the way! You are just so talented, girl! I don't see why you aren't making mucho dinero in the scrapbooking industry! You need to write a book or something!! Oh wait, that doesn't help with health benefits and all of that, but it still would ROCK! Ok, I'll stop rambling now, sorry! Hugs to you, girl!

  17. Anonymous3:43 PM

    hey you,
    don't give up and i know it is hard, but try not to be discouraged. you haven't gotten a job yet, because it hasn't been the right one. the perfect job is still waiting for you and you for it--i believe (and i'm sure you do too) that everything happens for a reason. i'm thinking of you, chica!
    now that layout, my friend--
    just amazing!
    you are just too darn good!
    i think your new job needs to be writing your own SB book. you never cease to amaze me and you are my greatest source of inspiration!
    happy new year!

  18. Anonymous3:48 PM

    hang in there,e...I know something will come up soon. you have too much talent and smarts...someone's bound to figure it out.

    love the lo of Z...he is easy on the eyes. so is J. such cuties!


  19. Anonymous5:13 PM

    Hey Girl, sorry you haven't had much luck getting a job. I've been super sick, so I was in bed watching TV, and on this show called Yummy Mummy, they had a lady with your exact thing: she isa mom to 2 kids, and after staying home with them for 3 years, she wanted to return to work. They had her note her 3 year absence as the second item on her resume, followed by her job history, I think. Can't remember the first item. They said the interview was huge, not so much what you say, but YOUR BODY LANGUAGE, and THE TONE OF YOUR VOICE! It should go up and down, indicating your enthusiam and interest. I think that is a new show on the Health Cahnnel. I'm sure you'll have sucess real soon! Keep trying!

  20. Anonymous8:07 PM

    hey, chickee. long time, no chat. no more advice than what's been said, just thinking of you and keeping you in my prayers. you rock, there is a place for you and some lucky employer that's going to snag you.

    as for that layout... so warm and comfy and inviting. love it. :)

  21. Anonymous9:47 PM

    I'm sorry to hear your job search has sucked. I second that you should write you own book on scrapbooking! :) I'm going to say this because no one else has...it's really tough to enter the job market after you have been a SAHM for years. I went back to work after being home for almost 4 years and it wasn't easy to find a job. Ironically, I ended up having a job where I interviewed and hired people for our department. Lots of good advice has already been written here. It may take a little time but I honestly think there is a job out there waiting for you. Employers would be crazy not to hire you!!

  22. Anonymous11:05 PM


    You are very talented and creative. You have a wonderful family. You are very important to your children and they are lucky to have you in their lives.
    Keep trying in your job search, you have nothing to loose. Learn from your experiences and move on.

    I have recently found your blog. She certainly must have one, so I thought. I have been admiring your 2peas posts for quite some time. I always look for yours and severine's, my two favourites. Such unique talent and I sincerely thank you for sharing your work.

    Be proud of who you are and believe in yourself.


  23. Hey girl, I hear ya on the whole job thing. MI pretty much bites the big one right now for jobs :( I have a lot of friends, 3-4 years out of college that still can't find squat. I will keep my fingers crossed for you, and hope that something will come along and when it does it will be what you have been waiting for :) Fabulous layout too!!!

  24. Anonymous12:19 AM

    Nothing to add except I'm keeping you in my thoughts...I don't interview well so I know what your going through. But sometimes I think things do happen for a reason...I was in a job before my current job and I thought it was PERFECT for me. When they didn't renew my contract I was heartbroken but within a few days my headaches and anxiety attacks stopped...now I'm in a better place, emotionally and physically:)so what does that tell you. It told ME that the job wasn't that perfect...the right one will come along...have faith

    If you were moving or living here I know of two places hiring:)

  25. Anonymous11:05 AM

    another one w/ no adivce, but lots of ((hugs)) and good thoughts.. i've been out of the working world for over 5 years and wonder how i'll handle going back, let alone FINDING somewhere to go back to... BLEH. maybe we will havea third, to delay that decision for longer.... =P

  26. ah, honey bunny.
    we struggled w/ this same thing when we moved out here... the job search thing is so hard. the job market thing is so hard....
    i wish i had some good advice
    or exactly the right words
    but i don't... and i'm sorry for that... but i do have lots of hugs for you and positive thoughts.

  27. Anonymous8:56 AM

    hey!!!!!!!! how 'bout I hire you to come clean my house and instead..we can just scrap all day..and I can tell hubby..yeah..she sucks at cleaning house, but we're keeping her. LOL straight shot down -59! think on it! hahahahah!

  28. I totally sympathize with that feeling of no one hiring. Sorry youre in the pits about it...lots of good advice here though!

    And, ummm...if you still have Scrapworks stuff I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have it!

    Great LO!

  29. Anonymous11:20 AM

    Hey girl! So sorry to hear about your job stresses - I'm really praying that something works out for you soon!

    ALSO - LOVE that layout! SOOOO cute!

    AND - I just tagged you on my blog (the email address I have for you isn't working) so check it out and come play! Hugs!

  30. I absolutely understand the situation you are in. It took my husband nine months to find a job. Hang in there. If you need someone to talk to, feel free to email me, I understand the highs and lows of the job search, been there done that. The worst feeling is that you just want to go to work... GRRR. I will keep you in my prayers!

  31. Hi Erica,

    I really believe that things happen for a reason. I encourage you to stay positive and visualize what kind of work you would like to do. I find that positive energy and vibes and visualization really helps. Keep the faith ; when it is the right time, the right job will be there for you !

    Love your latest layout ! I so love your style ! ALways different and fresh and full of love for your family.

    Take care, Erica !




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