how cute is this kid?

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My cutie pie nephew Tyler..."slamming" in our backyard yesterday...it was SIXTY AND SUNNY here, people!

This morning it's raining but I have to go to work anyway so I'm fine with it :D

Had an awesome dinner Saturday night at Mongolian thanks to Jeremy and Jenni...still full from that one I think :p

And did you SEE the Sopranos last night?!? I don't watch any show regularly but I've been waiting for the new season of the Sopranos to start for months. Totally didn't see that one coming! LOVE it!

Have a great week!


  1. I so freakin love this picture! Thanks for letting us come over and play :)

  2. Great photo and OMG! The Sopranos! I turned to JSJ about two minutes before the end happened and said, I wonder if Junior will....because of his Alzheimer's. and then it happened! I am on pins and needles for next week. I love The Sopranos. I'm sad that this is the last season!

  3. Anonymous10:51 AM

    how did YOU have 60 and sunny while we here in Califonia had the lowest temperatures in MArch ever recorded :D It was like 30-something degrees last night!!

  4. Anonymous11:51 AM

    love that pic!!

    we had 60 & sunny on sat.. hail on sun.. snow this morning...

    i want spring back!

  5. What a freakin' doll!!! Love love love that little man.

  6. Anonymous10:43 PM

    OMG the Sopranos!! Johannes walked in just when Tony got shot, and asked, "What is this? Is this the end of the season or something??" LOL! Gotta love just how darn unpredictable that show is. It'll be gRRReat this year. :)

    And temperatures! Same as Jen: 30-something. brrrrr....

  7. K, first off... I had to TURN OFF MY FILTER to see your blog -- what's up with that?
    And B... what a cutie, and I'm glad you've had good weather!

  8. so cute! cute photo, cute kid :) I have both of the new Sopranos episodes tivo'd, but I have not watched them yet...hopefully soon, along with the entire new season of 24...sigh....I hope Johnny decides to spend an evening at home soon! lol!

  9. Anonymous9:06 AM

    ohhh, what a cutie patootie, great shot!

    and yes, the sopranos is my only sit down to watch show. such a good one on sunday. but what's with the no previews to next week...didn't they always do that??

  10. Anonymous1:41 PM

    love that photo. :) and you ate at mongolia without me? how dare you!

  11. He IS a cutie, E! And I totally forgot to sign up for HBO last week - uggggghh!!!

  12. Anonymous1:48 PM

    How awesome was our weather last weekend???? Love the photo.. what a cutie!



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