Halloween 2012: In the Books

Here that? That's the sound of holiday spirit going *pop, sizzle, fizzle, dud*

Honestly, I feel like I half-assed it this year. We went to the pumpkin patch, but didn't carve pumpkins. Costume elements were completed as needed...not like last year when I had everything done and ready to go two weeks ahead of time. I was busy throwing together lame class treats for Izzy 30 minutes before we left for school yesterday.

Pumpkin patch? Always my fall highlight. We lucked out with a warm(er) sunny day in the midst of a bunch of cold grey days.

There was hay jumping.
And "How Tall this Fall?"
Bunny love.
And bunny snacks.
The yearly attempt to herniate our children.
And glorious late afternoon light.
Glorious, glorious light.
BUT, this was the first year I didn't need to stay home to pass out candy and got to actually trick or treat with Carlos and kids. And despite the drizzly and cold weather, (I'm grateful that was the only minor effect Sandy had on us...still thinking of my friends that were hit immeasurably harder than we were) we had a fantastic time.

Two Castle Crashers (garbage can helmets and daddy-made and painted weapons. Bloody, natch. Bat costume idea swiped from here...rather than printing the mask though, I used it as a template and made the mask from felt. LOVE the idea of attaching it to a pair of sunglasses rather than tying it around her head!

The battle.
Total standoff.
Miss Izzy...that third frame is So. Totally. Her.
Sister in the lead. Trick or Treat!
Oh, and I started and finished a knitted mustache/beard combo for Carlos to wear about 2 hours before we hit the road.

Izzy, of course, needed to try it out.


That? That's the sound of my favorite holiday ushering itself in with the flipping of the calendar page. Welcome, November. Welcome, Thanksgiving. Phew.

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  1. i love you guys.
    the how tall this fall photos are awesome.
    and that izzy??? with the bunny??



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