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So last week was a quiet week for me work-wise so I got to do lots of knitting :) Today and tomorrow I'll be scrambling to finish some stuff up but it's worth it for the relaxing week I had!

Baby blanket is DONE other than the fabric lining. Chenille was the overwhelming consensus so I'll be out shopping soon to find a good option for that. I'll admit, the prospect of it all together isn't thrilling me! I love how it turned out though. Super heavy so it will be a "lie it on the floor for the baby to play on top of" type of blanket rather than a "wrap her up and smother her with it" blanket.

I've also been knitting some little pants for her (knit pants - something *only* a baby can get away with!) They are coming together super quick so I should be able to share them in the next couple of days (or weeks...depending on my sporadic blogging activity :p)

I'm in full on waddle mode - this one is kicking my ass! So much soreness this time around that I didn't experience with the boys. Listen closely, ladies: being pregnant in your 30's is SOOO much different than being pregnant in your 20's. At least in my case. Or maybe it's just because it's a girl this time around. I'll take the bad with the good though as I found out at my checkup yesterday that I passed the one hour glucose test with 15 points to spare! Both the boys sent me in for the 3 hour ordeal so thanks for sparing me from that, little miss! Although, I was kind of looking forward to that 3 hours of uninterrupted knitting time :)

I realized a couple of days ago that with about 12 weeks until d-day, we have yet to purchase a single diaper or piece of newborn clothing. My miniature shopping splurge at Old Navy a few weeks ago netted us some clothes for *next* summer but other than that, her closet it bare. *I'm* not concerned - I know it will all get done before she makes her arrival. The mom at Jake's school that asked if I'd drown myself in newborn pink yet practically stroked out though. A carseat...yeah, that would be a wise purchase too! On my to-do list, I swear!

How beautiful are these books? I'd love to commit to a photo a day for her first year but I know me. So I won't. Be sure to check out the Photo a Day/First Birthday book!

And this dress is so cute! It's from a line of dress up clothes called Wovenplay but I would totally put her in it anytime! Love the colors and cool retro feel :) I'm sure that even if I could find it, it would cost an arm and a leg though!

OK, off to pick up Jake from school and then off to the park! Have a great weekend :)


  1. The blanket turned out so cute. I want to cuddle up in it!
    I thought about knitting those pants. I would if Emma were little all over again.
    I hope she stops kicking you ass. 12 weeks is along time to put up wtih it! :)

  2. those are the coolest pants:) Can't wait to see the finished pair:)

    Sorry it's so much harder this time. I am taking note of that though in case it does happen for me:)

    I've already got a nice little pile of things for you so...;)I just have to stop being lazy and send them to you. So when you get your box it will be the Christmas/Birthday (cause I know I missed your birthday)/Baby Shower gift. :D

  3. Your blanket is GORGEOUS, Erica! I love how it turned out!
    It's true, you'll get it all done before baby arrives! No worries!
    Enjoy all the down time you can before she comes and turns your world upside down (again!).

  4. the blanket looks fabulous! love it! and i've been doing the photo a day thing since miss camryn has arrived. can't believe i've been doing it for 6 weeks now. CRAZY.

  5. Was just thinking 'bout you so I popped over et voila, you've posted. SO glad you're enjoying your time and sorry you're having to waddle! When you told the story about the uber-mom being shocked about her thinking you were not prepared, I totally pictured her as the blonde rich moms from "The new adventures of old Christine" (with Julia Louis Dreyfuss) - too funny. Just remind her no one ever came home from the hospital still naked. (LOL, and even if they did, would the world stop spinning? no.)
    xo, t

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  7. very impressed with the blanket!


  8. the blanket is adorable!

  9. Anonymous7:22 PM

    the blanket is beautiful and your blog is really cute. :)

  10. That blanket is BEAUTIFUL, E! Wow! Is there nothing you can't do? ;) Hope your week is going well! Hugs! :D

  11. Anonymous4:00 PM

    i love that cartoon :)
    and i wanna knit like you
    when i grow up!

  12. i love the pastels in your blanket. it looks beautiful!



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